How to Change Mac Address on Any Android Device [Mac Spoof]

change mac address android: If really you want to change Mac Address of ur Android Device? then This Tutorial is for you. If you Android Device is rooted then you can change mac address in your phone through Best rooted Apps for android phone. Changing Mac Address in Android Phone is Now Quite Easier, With the help of Some Simple Android Apps, Which i am going to explain below. First of all Full form of MAC / Mac Stand For Media Access Control. which is the Unique ID of 12 Alphanumeric Characters of any Device. Every Device have their own unique mac address, like android device, Computer, Network Card etc. There are so many ways to change Mac Address in Android, but don’t worry because here i am going to Sharing Some of the Best Ways, for change Mac Address in almost any Android device. Checkout more about this from below and give it try. you can also call this guide as mac address changer android.


Android Change Mac Address (Spoofing)

While Manufacture of device, manufacturer provide unique mac address to device, But if you want to Spoof Mac Address in your Rooted Android Phone, then you can simply follow below Tutorial for this purpose. It is highly recommended that, Note down your Real Mac Address, before changing Mac Address of you device smart phone. so You can Also Call this method as mac changer android, for changing Mac Address in android devices how to change mac address on android no root. as you all know that Mac address is Unique and Provided in All Device, for it’s identity Device over the Internet, or for any additional Identity device locally, & there are much more reasons for setting up mac Address in Android. so If you change Mac Address in your Device, then it will also change Identification of your android, like last time i was shared how to change Android Id from Apps. Checkout Why change mac address from below.

change android mac address

change android mac address

What is the Purpose of Spoofing MAC Address on Android Devices?

So Guys Changing Mac Address in Android Device is depends on you, Why you wan to change Mac Address in your Android device, There could be some several reasons for changing Mac Address in your Android Device Phone, Like if Someone blocked your Device from Their Router to block your device from accessing internet via mac address. or they will blocked you from WiFiKill Apps to block some one wifi on same network, So you can access internet by changing your own MAC Address with some easy tweaks & Tricks Zone. or for any others cases. So just checkout how to spoof MAC address on your Android  phone now from below {mac address changer for android}

Note – This Guide is for Education Purposes only.

Requirements for Change Mac Address of Android

If you really want to Change Mac Address in your Android Phone, then you have to checkout some basic requirements about How to Change Mac Address in Rooted Android device.

  • Rooted Android Phone
  • Terminal Emulator / ChameleMAC App (Change mac address android apk) [Download link in Below Steps]
  • Busybox App Installed – Download Busybox.

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Top Best Methods for Change Max Address in Android

As we already said that there are so many Methods for change Mac Address in Android devices & I have tried out many methods and only some of them are working. So here I’m going to share Top 3 Ways to change mac address in Android Devices. Remember that make sure you have already Busybox Installed and reboot your android phone, for change mac address. have Quick look at the ways to change mac address in android from below.

  1. With Simple App
  2. With Terminal Emulator App
  3. With Engineering Mode {MTK Chipset Only}


How to Change Mac Address in Rooted Android Device Phone

Checkout This Simple Step by step guide for How to Change Mac address in rooted android devices now from below. You can try anyone way from below methods one by one. This method, will change mac address of your phone temporary, change mac address android permanent is not possible because MAC address Bind with media write flashed on device. As you know This is the best app for android mac address changer. All Devices have different methods for change Mac address, so you have to try all methods one by one, and check which method is suitable for you. So Here you go 🙂

#1 How to Change Mac Address With ChameleMAC App

  • Download ChameleMac App from here – Download
  • After that Download Above App in your Android Device, then simply Open it, It will ask you for root permissions, click on Grant Button and now you will see main Screen of this app.

change mac address android

  • After That, You will see your device’s real Mac Address in this app. Note Down real mac address, in case you want to restore original one in future for change mac address to real.
  • After that, Click on Generate random MAC button, if you want Random Mac Address, or you can enter any mac address of your choice, and simply click on “Apply new MAC” button.
  • Now it will ask for confirmation, that you really want to change mac address, if you want to do then click on Change button, and you are done. your mac address was successfully changed.

mac address changer android


#2 How to Change Mac Address on Android With Terminal Emulator App

Give it try to simple Steps For change mac address android terminal emulator method. This Method is also known as change mac address android terminal. If you want to use commands, for change Mac Address in your device, then below device will be suitable for you, follow step by step guide about changing mac address from below in easy steps.

  • Download and Open Terminal Emulator app from your phone, Or Download the app now if you haven’t installed it already – Download Terminal Emulator
  • Now, Simply Type Below Commands one by one, in Terminal Emulator and Hit Enter button to perform change mac address.
  • After Enter above command it will ask you for root permission, Simply allow root permission to this app and enter next command from below.
busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
  • Replace xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx with new MAX Address of your Choice Example – A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6, and hit the enter button & this app will now change the Mac Address of your device. Enter Below Code once for confirmation that mac address if changed in your android phone successfully
busybox iplink show eth0

#3 How to Change Android Mac Address With Engineering Mode Without root

If you have MTK Device and you want to change mac address in android without root, then follow easy step by step guide for it. This is the best WiFi mac address changer for android mtk devices, Checkout how to change mac address in android which is running on MTK Chipset

Note – This Method is only for MTK Processor Devices Phone.

  • At First Open Engineering Mode from your device, With the help of this app, Then Open this app and click on MTK Settings button, for launch Engineering Mode.
  • In Engineer mode You’ll See some options, Simply Goto Connectivity tab, and click on WiFi option, and select NVRAM.

mac changer android


  • In Byte String Access option, enter Values Like mention Below.

addr(h,byte): 4

length(byte): 6

  • After That, it will show you Mac address of your android phone in value(h) area.
  • So Change Mac address according to your choice, and click on Write button to Spoof Mac Address.

and you are done, this was the one of the easiest way for change MAC Address in MTK Devices. Simply Restart WiFi from your Phone now and you will get new Mac Address in your Phone. and if anyone blocked you to access internet then you are able to access the internet by spoofing mac address.

Some More Apps Which you can Try To Change Mac Address (Bonus from me)

If Above Apps / Method is not working in your device for change MAC Address, and you are looking for a way to change Mac Address in your device, then you can simply follow below Apps for change Mac Address in your device easily in just few clicks.

From Where i Can Check Mac Address of My Android Device

If you have changed Mac address of your Android device, or going to change Mac address, then you probably want to check Mac address of your device, checkout more about this now from below.

  • Open Settings App from your Phone, and Goto AboutStatus.

how to change mac address on android

  • Scroll Down a Little Bit, and you will see Mac Address of your Android Phone which will be 12 Digit like AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF In Wi-Fi Address Section, like below Screenshot

change mac address android terminal emulator


Some Faq’s Regarding this Guide

Q1) How to Change Mac Address on Android Without Root ?

A1) No, You can’t change Mac Address in Non Rooted Android device. But If you have MTK Chipset device, then you can use Engineering Mode method for change Mac Address in your Device without rooting it.

Q2) In My Device, Mac Address is not changed after using above Tutorial ?

A2) Nowadays, Android devices are coming with great Security Feature, and changing Mac address is being more tough day by day, Unfortunately, this method will not work in some device, still you can try in your device once. May be it will work on your

Have more questions? Feel Free & Simply Comment below, I will try to answer your all Query

Note – Change Mac Address of your Phone at your Own Risk.

How to Change Mac Address With ES File Explorer App (Video)



That’s it guys This was the Very Easy Tutorial on How to use mac changer android simple for change / Spoof mac address in rooted Android phone device. We have Tried all method and every method are working fine for me that why we have shared Total 3 Methods, for change Mac Address in Android Device, You can also try all the methods one by one, and see which one is suitable for you. So you can try these android mac changer apps in your phone, for free if you have any confusion, issue / Problem during follow above steps regarding to this Guide then simply comment below i am here to solve your problem, Keep visiting and stay tuned with us for more cool stuffs like this.


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