How to Add Recycle Bin in Android

Android recycle bin

Hello Guys, I’m back again with the new awesome Article. If you are thinking about does android have a recycle bin? and you are looking for recycle bin in android device, then there is an application named as dumpster recycle bin, in which you can easily add recycle bin in android device and recover deleted files easily.

We all know about the famous operating system of the world that is a Windows which is having a amazing Graphical user Interface (GUI) and most important it is user-friendly which know everyone. Also Have a look on How to take Picture of Person who is unlocking android phone.

Generally people prefers to buy operating system which is user-friendly as we all know that windows is having a feature which called as Windows Recycle Bin. In those recycle bin you can restore your old data or the files or data which is accidentally deleted by you or someone else and you can restore that files or data too.

Also give it try – How to Change Boot Animation on Android. If you are thinking that where is my recycle bin on my android phone? then you have to install one application for add trash bin in your android smart phone device easily.

Recycle Bin for Android

This is one of the best way to recover Important thing if you have accidentally Deleted. So this is very useful to you to get your Files, photo, videos back without backup. So you may have a try to this for How to recover deleted files on android.

Recycle Dumpster

As you all know that when the name comes under Android this feature is not available in Android operating system but if you really want to add that feature in your android then you can easily add it in your device and you can restore your data which you have deleted accidentally or By mistake. We will tell you about.

How to recover deleted files from recycle bin easily in android device. After that whenever you loose or delete any file you can easily restore it by  going into dumpster. We was also shared some time before WiFi Killer app, where you can prank your friends by killing their WiFi Connection. This application makes mistakes too but in 100% it makes only 5% mistakes and you can easily view all the files which you haven’t deleted it and all these files are saved this application. This app is having pretty good ratings and you can trust on me for this application because, personally I’m using it Also have a look at – Best WiFi Hacking Apps for access free internet. for recover deleted files from android device.

Dust Bean Recycle bin recover

Dumpster Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is not available in Android Device that is every android user know so, you can easily add up and this application can recover your files and data and let this files be in the any format with android recycle bin. Dumpster also recovers folders and files such as .zip , .mp3 , .jpg , mp4 and etc. dumpster is the application which keeps this files forever and you can easily preview those files which have been deleted by your accidentally.

This application is available free on Google Play Store and if you have to but this application then you can easily buy this apk application for 2.99$ which has no ads and you can protect the dumpster with password protection so that no one can view those files, which are deleted by you. Also checkout How to Replace kingroot with Supersu


At the same time you can also have a ability to recover those application data which are deleted by you but the main thing is that you can’t recover the data which is in the application. with this Dumpster app apk, you can easily android recover deleted files easily.

Dumpster is having many advantages but when it comes to disadvantages this app has only one or two disadvantages and that is too good and enough for any application. Dumpster keeps those files forever so you can delete those files manually. So here you will know that how can you recover deleted data from android for restore it back.

Also Know –

recycle bin android

Advantages For Use Recycle Dumpster app for Android

  • You can recover any format like mp4, mp3, jpeg, mkv, txt, apk, zip etc
  • You can also preview all the deleted files
  • Files which are deleted will be Remains in Dumpster forever
  • You can even recover application which are uninstalled by you accidentally or by mistakes.
  • Delete files from where ever you want and your files will be saved in dumpster
  • Unlimited file storage
  • No root required, you can use this app in both rooted as well non rooted Android Devices.

Disadvantage Of Using Dumpster for Android Devices

  • If you want to lock the Application you have to pay monthly for this application
  • No cloud storage to save our data. If you want cloud storage you have to pay for them monthly.
  • Ads are annoying


How to Install / Add Recycle Bin for Android

  1. At first Download and install the Dumpster application from here for recycle bin download – Play Store

dumpster recycle bin

  1. Open the application which you have downloaded and installed in your android phone
  2. now you have to check out how actually app works you can easily click on Show Me How, which are shown in below screenshot.

recycle bin for android

  1. Yeah..!! You are done and go & whenever you delete any file you can easily get it back, Files will Be Automatically Backed up in Dumpster.
  2. Now delete any file to check this application, Whenever you delete any File from File manager or gallery etc. That file will show in Dumpster app.


  1. Open the dumpster and search for the file and click on that file, and it will show you file, which you have deleted from File Manager or Gallery.

how to recover deleted files from recycle bin

  1. After that click on the restore button given in the below screenshot, or you can also delete application, if you don’t want that file.

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So Guys, This was the easy Guide on how to use dumpster for android, for restore deleted files easily. So download recycle bin for android from above link. and use it. So Don’t Worry about deleted files, now you can recover then in 1 minutes easily with Dumpster app. So download and install This Dumpster app now in your phone, and enjoy free recycle bin for you android device. Also Checkout – How to Post Blocked Url On Facebook.


Final Word:

That’s it Now From this easy tutorial you can easily add the Recycle bin Feature in your Android mobile and the best thing about this application is that you don’t require root access for your mobile phone. Now whenever you delete files accidentally you can restore it back by following this tutorial so keep visiting for more tricks like this and if you feel any difficulty feel free to comment below. Also check – Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts for so many Id. So this was the easy full tutorial on recycle bin recovery in android device.

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