How to Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone in Android

Android Low Battery Notification Ringtone

Hey Friends, In this Guide I’m gonna tell you about How can you get low Battery Ringtone in my Android Device. Sometimes, our Android Phone Ran out of battery and we miss out low Battery Notification which in inbuilt in most of the Android Devices. Sometimes, I also Miss our Default Low Battery alert on my android phone, and it cause to switch off my phone due to battery problem and sometimes due to low battery issues. Previously we were shared Best Apps for rooted android so simply check out. So I thought to post about one app in which you can set custom notification ringtone when your device is running on low battery.

You can also Use this app to Set Full Battery Notification ringtone with the help of this simple app. Battery, Once of the most critical thing in Devices. When your WiFi Hotspot tethering or Mobile Data is on and your device is running out of Battery, then it will automatically turn it off at 0% Battery level. Most of the Android Device have Inbuilt Battery Notification tone, but It is not loud enough to hear properly when you are somewhat away from your android device. so you can also Set Random Notification Ringtone in android and get a random notification ringtone while your device running on low battery situation.

low battery notification ringtone android

low battery notification ringtone android

As you all know that Turning Off Android Phone due to low battery hurts too much in some situations, When you need your Android Phone Urgently and device are turned off due to low battery problem? how Awkward is that? So you have to use Android app for setting up ringtone so your phone can ring well when your device low battery so you can charge your phone. This app can be very helpful & Useful if you have multiple Android devices, and you are using only one android phone on your hand, and other android phone’s battery getting low. then this app will start to ring your phone and you will become to know about that and you can put your android phone on charge.

How to Set Low Battery Notification Ringtone in Android

So guys, Simply Give it try to easy steps now from below, For know more about how can you use this app and set low battery notification alert ringtone on your android device. The app which I have mentioned below, I am also using this app in my personal android phone and it works well. I use one of my Android Phone as WiFi Hotspot, So When it runs out of battery this app ring phone and Phone will never be turned off due to the low battery because we will put the phone on charge when phone Rings. So simply Download this app from given below for know more about this app.

  • At Starting, Download and Install Battery Notifier BT Free app in your Phone From here – Download
android low battery ringtone

android low battery ringtone

  • After That Install and Open it then Clicks on Settings

set android low battery notification

  • Now Select the option of Low Battery Charge Options from here.

android low battery sound

  • After that Select Low Battery Level of your choice when you want to be get notified, So simply select repeat Interval, How often it would Repeat alarm. Select Vibration, Sound mode and notification Ringtone.

add android low battery warning ringtone

  • After that when you device will reach the battery level you selected, it will start ringing your phone and you will be get notified that your Phone’s Battery is Low and you have to charge your Phone now.

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Last Words

So, Guys, This was the way for Setting up Low battery notification ringtone in Android, If you have any questions or Suggestions regarding this site blog or problem simply comment below I will try my best to answer you, You can also ask issues regarding Notification of low-level battery warning

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