9 Best Android Hacking Tips & Tricks Which You Should Know

Android Hacking Tricks

Hey Guys How many of you are using android device phone? And how Many of you think that you are using your android device at 101% level. Most of the users who own android Smartphones think they know each and every  feature end up considering themselves experts at Android OS.

So Friends today we will take you through a wall filled with useful stuff where you can learn what is an android smart-phone is capable of doing.

How we can utilize Android at pro level and surprise your friends with some awesome tricks. You are not a tech savvy? Why worry, when i am going to show you some awesome apps to take you one step ahead being expert at Android OS. Previously we was shared Best Android Apps For Rooted Android Phone.

Best Hacking Tricks & Tips:

As you all know we are in 2019 and everything around us has changed rapidly and now come 2020 so think what will happened. Where technology of today has growing in to giant trend and evolving in several areas. everyone knows that hacking is playing crucial role now a days in android market, opening up a new possibilities and enhancing our smart phone features. Android is playing crucial role in technology, so we have listed few Best Hacking Tricks & Tips for Android. You can also know – How to change android id.

Android Hacking tips & Tricks

Best Android Hacking Tricks

*1 Finger Print Scanner Using Android

This new app has changed the course of fingerprint scanning feature. This revolutionary app can help you get finger print feature without your device supporting this features in android smartphones.

So This feature does not require for your device to meet any hardware, so all you need is the app to get start. You can use finger print app which is available for free on google play store. give it a try and let us know.


android hacking tips & tricks

*2 Hacking Wi-Fi:

In order to run this app, you need to root you Android device, because This app can be used to connect to any wi-fi password protected network automatically without password. Not only can that it disable other users who are connected to that particular network. you can also Install Dolby atmos in android for boost your smart phone sound quality

WPS connect has some unique features of penetrating wifi network and getting you the access of other networks for free in easy method, so Why not give a try?


*3 Unlock Lock Screen With Lollipop Version

This is one of the best and cool trick which can assist you to unlock your lock smart-phone screen without any use of external tool.

And this cool trick has a ability to unlock lock screen without using any external PC tools.

You can also refer to know How to change MAC Address in android Phone.

How to Unlock lock screen works:

Open your dialer, then type any random digits until it reaches its limit, then launch your camera then drag and down the screen, your smartphone ask you to enter pass.

Now you have to entered the digit you used in dialer. If you are not landed on your screen, repeat until you land on home screen simply.

*4 Double Tap Screen On/ Off

Now say good bye to your old power button to on and off your device because you can now land your home screen without using a power button.

How? This will done with an simple app DTSO app has released few unique features, which helps you get in to home by tapping on your screen.

How It Works? you all know that Every android device is now required a sensors. DTSO app uses your smartphone lazy sensors and helps you to onn/off your device by tapping on it.

There is no rocket science in setting it up, you just need to go to settings and choose sensors option.

So what are you waiting for Download DTSO app and enjoy this amazing features.

android hacking tricks

*5 Block Apps for Certain Period

Every one have a several apps on their smartphone which of them we don’t use it regularly, some of them are used in very rarely.

We also use some apps regularly, sometimes they turn out to be very annoying so now you can block those annoying apps for a certain period by installing ClearLock block distraction App.

How it work

  • Launch the app.
  • Select the number of apps you want to block
  • Once selected, a pop ask you to set time period and confirm it.
  • That’s it. [Now you won’t be able to use the blocked apps and it requires restart to get that app back. Choose the time carefully]

android hacking tricks

*6 Adding Guest Mode to Smart-Phone

As you all know that now a days every smartphone using lollipop or above come with guest mode there are other android version which doesn’t come guest mode as default option so we can get this option with some easy tweaks.

To carry out you need Guest Mode app installed on your smart-phone. Once you’re done with installation launch the app and select the settings as follows.

*7 Add Recycle Bin To Android

Having one of the popular features of Windows is kind of the cool. Now you can quickly get rid of files, documents and folder, apk photos, and much more in an instant, not only that you can restore them whenever you feel like is an option which Android doesn’t have.

In an android device, what file or document is deleted means you lost it permanently. by using Dumpster app you can delete as well as restore those files, if deleted them mistakenly. Dumpster is a free utility app.


*8 Unlock Windows PC using Your Android Smart-phones

This will rather shocking to everyone who is using your PC, when you start shutting down automatically.

Isn’t that cool? It is quite useful when we download a file then we have an urgent meeting to attend but you cannot pause the download so this is great for you.

To carry out this process you just need to download for your PC and Smart-phone Rohoos For Windows & Rohos For iPhone iOS

*9 Now Record Slow Motion Videos

When we talk about movies the most things we talk about its visualizations. Because they play a crucial tole because not every one can shoot such a shots.

Most of the shots are shoot in movies now a days is high tech slow motion camera, which a regular man cannot afford because of its price so you can do this with your android smart-phone with a simple apps.

As you all know that Understanding the new possibilities of technologies. Few apps have come in to market which are capable to shoot motion video right now from you Android Device Phone.

You can use these apps to shoot memorable moments.

Conclusion of Android Secret Tricks

So friends in above we was share a best android hacking apps, All of the apps are free to download and some of them are also available in Paid version to get more features to access its premium hidden things. We know and understand that you want to know more about these apps.

You can learn more by clearing your doubt so just give it try and comment below to clear your doubt, So now we have gone through a list of smart-phone apps to take a step ahead to becoming an expert on android smart phone. Also Give it try to Increase your android phone RAM [Swap memory]


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