Create Fake Computer Virus Warning for Prank with your Friends

Fake Computer Virus Warning

Fake Computer Virus Warning: As You all know that Everyone wants to do something new tweaks to be cool in their Friend Circle, So for this they search different types of trick like Fake fbi warning messages, Create virus for PC, virus protection pc free Creator Etc. These all are Doing for Prank, After Doing this Your Friend think there are a virus on so they start search best antivirus for pc.



How to Create Computer Virus

So, How many of you want to Prank with your friends by creating fake virus and make them Force to Install virus computer protection. Well nowadays it is very easy. You just need to Write a Simple Code in Notepad & when your friend run That file, he will get error that, His Computer is infected with virus or anything else like this whatever you want to show them. You can also Create Unlimited Gmail Account without Number.

In this easy Guide, you will get information about How to make a fake virus for prank with your friends. We were also write a content about Prank your Friends by Killing their WiFi connection. So here you learn How can you Make Dangerous computer Virus. This is really interesting. in this there are no any virus, It just show the Warning Messages which code in your Notepad but still when your friend run then start searching antivirus for pc to make it protected.

This fake virus is totally based on vb script which is very simple so you can Create Virus Using VB Script, Which will show some simple codes. In Windows pc. This will not harm your Computer, it will just show some errors. Which we created. So, This Method is only for educational purpose only. So, I’m requesting with you that don’t use this for wrong purposes. In Reality, there is the no virus in the files, but it will prank your friends at next level for sure. So check it now from below.

Bu using this Easy Method, you will be able to create Fake Virus in your PC or in friends pc. and this will not Harm your PC at all as i have already described in above paragraph. This is just for prank purposed only. Your friends will shock that how you have created this kind of things in his Owned Computer. Show your Skills to all friends & something new always for be awesome dude in your friend’s eye. also have a look on How to Increase Download Speed in Android. So simply follow below easy Steps for creating a Very Simply Virus in Laptop PC.

How to Create Fake Virus to Prank Someone

As you all know that It is very easy process, for create a Fake Virus, You Just have to save below given code in notepad file and have to change file extension. You can also modify this code easily without having any programming skills. Because, this will work only on windows PC only cause this file is VB Shell script, Which is created specially for windows PC. So if you thinks that This Guide is interested for you, then check it out from below.

First Copy Below Code in Clipboard With CTRL + C

X=MsgBox("Error while opening Computer. Do you want to Fix this Error?",4+64,"Computer")
X=MsgBox("Unable to Fix this Error. Do you want to scan this Computer",3+48,"Computer")
X=MsgBox("Alert ! Virus Detected. Delete Virus? ",3+16,"Alert!")
X=MsgBox("Unable to delete this Virus",1+64,"Critical Error")
X=MsgBox("Virus Is activated",2+16,"Alert")
X=MsgBox("Deleling System Files.....",2+16,"File Deletion")
X=MsgBox("Virus is copying your password.....",2+48,"Virus Alert")
X=MsgBox("Please Wait, Uploading your data to Server. Do you want 
to Stop it",4+64,"File Transfer")
X=MsgBox("Could not stop. File Transfer Completed",1+16,"Completed")
X=MsgBox("Your Computer is Hacked",0+64,"Alert")
X=MsgBox("HAHA This was Prank by rAVi Singh - 
visit for more tricks like this",0+64,"Fooled You")
  • So now After Copy This Text, Right click on your Desktop and Select New – Text Document
  • Then, Enter Filename as – Virus.vbs (filename can be change but don’t forget to writer .vbs after filename)
  • Then, Right click on that files and Click on Edit with Notepad ++ & simply paste Text, Which you was copied earlier from above.

If you don’t have already installed notepad ++ then install it now – Download Notepad ++

  • Then, just Save files and move it on any other disk such that d:// or e:// whatever you want or leave it on desktop.
  • And move it on your Friend’s Desktop and Double Click on the Files and Show it to your friends that in your PC there is some kind of virus and after that your friend will be shocked for sure.

fake pc virus

How to Change the Icon of the Shortcut file for Make it look like more real

  • First of all, Move file to C:// Drive and Right Click on it & Click on Send to – Desktop (Create Shortcut)
  • then, Open Desktop and you will see shortcut of that file, Right Click on in, Click on Shortcut tab & select Change Icon tab like below screenshot.

fake computer virus

  •  After that Select any other icon from there, or you can save below icon for your virus file icon.
  • Now at last ask your friend to click on that file and S(he) will see virus is there but it is just a prank. in Reality there is no virus in the file.

You can also Download Ready made Fake Virus File From here – Download fake Virus

NOTE: This Trick is created / coded for educational purpose only.

Video Tutorial On How to Create Fake Computer Virus

Let me tell You that You don’t need Any virus protection for pc for this Prank Because This is not an Virus it just a Script of showing warning message. This will not Harm Your Desktop system so you can run it without any virus protection for pc free. Now Just Start Pranking with your friends Without afraid of virus protection pc free. And We will Suggest you to use best free antivirus for pc to make your data safe from unwanted access.

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Conclusion For Create Virus

That’s it guys, this was the Complete Guide in which you can created Fake Virus files. Also give it try Crash your Friend’s Whatsapp Account by send simple message. Always remember that, this is just a file for prank with your friends that’s it. It is not a real virus. So, you can simple run it on your friend’s PC easily. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment below I’m here to solve your issues, Keep visiting for more cool tips like this.


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