Facebook Shortcut bar Settings-finally lets you banish nav bar tabs & red dots

facebook shortcut bar

Facebook Shortcut bar Settings

Facebook Shortcut bar Settings

Are those red notification dots on your Facebook home display energetic you crazy? Bad of Facebook Marketplace homicide your screen space? Now you can control what appears in the Facebook app’s steering bar gratitude to a new alternative called Shortcut Bar Settings. You may also know How to solve Facebook iPhone Camera Bug.

What are shortcuts bar on Facebook?

Over the weekends AllTricksZone noticeable the choice to take away certain tabs like Marketplace, Watch, Groups, Events, Profile, Friend Requests, News, Today In, Gaming and Dating or just quiet their announcement dots.

In response to our inquiry, Facebook confirms that Shortcut Bar Settings is now gently sloping out to everybody, with most iOS users previously prepared and the rest of Android owners getting it in the next only some weeks.

Facebook Shortcut Bar Settings Notification Dot Settings

The shift could save the good sense and get better the well-being of people who don’t want their Facebook messy with distractions. Users before now get significant alerts that they could essentially control via their Notifications tab. stable red notification counts on the homescreen are an dangerous increase hack, trying to pull in people’s notice to random Group feeds, occasion wall posts and Marketplace.

“We are gently sloping out navigation bar controls to create it easier for people to attach with the equipment they like and control the notifications they get within the Facebook app,” a Facebook representative tells me.

Back in July 2018, Face book tell it would begin personalizing the navigation bar based on which utilities you use mainly all. But the navigation bar seemed more goal on promoting features Facebook wanted to be trendy, like its Craigslist participant Marketplace, which I hardly ever use, rather than its long-standing Events feature, which I access daily.

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How do I get rid of shortcuts on Facebook?

Facebook Shortcut Bar Settings

Step that how to do Facebook Shortcut Bar Settings

For use the Shortcut Bar Settings options, on your Device you have to follow below step to get it work. You can also Download Instagram plus plus IPA for iOS.

  • Click and hold on any of the shortcuts in your navigation bar which is bottom of the Facebook homescreen on iOS and the top on Android
  • There You’ll see a menu pop up letting you remove that tab entirely, or leave it but disable the red notification count overlays
  • Clears space in your nav bar for a more peaceful experience
  • Click through Three line, More Tab – Settings & Privacy – Settings – Shortcuts menu the ability to toggle any of the Marketplace, Groups, Events and Pages tabs on or off.
  • Reverse engineering specialist Facebook was prototyping this menu and the Notification Dots Settings Menu which available to.

Facebook voice Manager admits community should have the aptitude to take a split from notifications inside the app. They tell me Facebook required to give users more control so they can have right of entry to what’s pertinent to them.

All Facebook’s speak concerning well-being, with it trying out beating Like counts in its app and Instagram (this week starting in the U.S.), there’s still bounty of low-hanging fruit. Better batching of Facebook notifications would be a great footstep, allowing users to get a daily assimilate of Groups or Events posts somewhat than a stable spell.

Its Time Well Spent control panel that counts your minutes on Facebook should also say how many notifications you get of every type, how many you really open, and let you disable the most ordinary but hopeless ones right from there.

If Facebook needs to stay alive long-term, it can’t piss off users by trapping them in an anxiety-inducing hellscape of growth hacks that benefit the company. The app has turn into swollen and overcrowded with additional features over the last 15 years. Facebook could get gone with more violent cross-promotion of some of these beyond features as long as it empower us to hide what we hate.


Here with the help of this article you have been known that Facebook shortcut bar settings how important how to control this with your dashboard. This article is only shared for Educational purpose of you face any thing wrong then simply drop us on comment box, I will try to short out your problem.

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