How to Set Shutdown Timer on Windows 7 | 8.1 | 10 | Xp

windows shutdown timer

Hey guys, Here is a Easy Guide where, I will explain you How to set a Shutdown timer on windows pc with Notepad. You can easily Set Shutdown Timer in your Windows 7 / Xp / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Pc with the help of Notepad. Windows is one of the best Operating System for PC because of it’s features, and Development. If you are doing some specific work and you Want to Shutdown your Pc Automatically, Just Right after the Selected time, like Countdown timer, So by following below easy step you can easily set Shutdown timer on your PC with Full guide. Also Give it try How to Create Fake Virus for Prank with your Friends. So, if you want to Turn off / Shutdown your Windows PC, at a Specific time, then this easy guide will help you for sure. In Windows PC, by default there is no way to Schedule Shut Down you PC, but I am going to share an easy method, in which you can very easily Shut Down Your PC with one click. So simply checkout now from below.


Create a Shortcut to Shutdown Computer After a Specified Time Period

So, Guys as you all know, there is no Option in Windows PC, for Schedule Shutdown pc. So with the Below, I will explain you, that how can you Shut Down your Windows PC very easily. With the help of Simple CMD Command Shortcut. With this Article You Can Create One Simply Shortcut in Your PC, With this guide and you Will be able to Shut Down your windows pc with just one click. By using this tips of PC you can also select timer of your choice, that after how much minutes / hours you want to Turn off your Pc. In this Guide, I’m Gonna explain you how to Shutdown pc after certain time. If you want to Optimize Download Speed in your Android, The Simply have a look at Increase Download speed. For Follow below procedure, you don’t need any kind of Software. Because, This is very simple process, which can be done via Notepad / Notepad ++, which is pre-installed in all Windows Pc

Set Shutdown Timer on Windows


Schedule Shutdown Windows 10 / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista

In a Laptop Pc for some reaseons, you may need to shut down your PC, after some time automatically. Then you can simply follow below procedure for this Purpose. With below Command, you can create a Shutdown command, in your PC very easily. If you want to download sometime big file and your internet Connection is Slow, then you can also set timer in your PC, Before sleep and keep your PC downloading files. So your pc will automatically Shutdown in Specific times, and you don’t need to worry about turning off your pc anymore. Someday before, we were shared a Guide about Prank your friends by Crash Their Browser so give it try.


Some Requirements Before Following this easy guide

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  • First of all, Simply You Need a Windows Pc / Laptop for follow This Guide. You can’t use below procedure on Linux Or Mac OS PC.
  • Nothing Else


How to Set Shutdown Timer in Windows PC With Notepad

  • Firstly, Press Windows Key from PC and Search for Notepad and Simply Open Notepad from your Computer PC and type the below simple code.
shutdown -s -t 60

schedule shutdown windows 10
  •  In Above Easy Command, 60 Means 60 Seconds. if you want to Shutdown your PC right after 60 Seconds, then you can simply Enter 60, And if you want to shut down your pc, after 1 Hours then Enter 3600 like this just Enter Time in Seconds, according to your Choice in Above Command.

shutdown pc after certain time

  • Now After Type Bove Code in Notepad, Press File – Save option and while Saving File, Save that file with Name of All Tricks Zone.bat . You can also Save file with any Other Name, but you must add .bat extension after the filename, Beside of .txt .

turn off computer in 1 hour

  • Then When you Successfully Save Files, Not Simply Copy or Move file to your Desktop. As soon you click on Shortcut, it will Show you an Alert, That your PC will Shutdown Automatically in a Specified time like screenshot.

scheduled shutdown windows 10

So Friends, This was the easy way for How to Set a Shutdown Timer on Windows, you can follow and every step. For Using this Awesome feature of schedule Shutdown. This Command will work on Windows Operating System Pc only.

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Final Words

That’s Guys, This was the Very Easiest way for how to set shutdown timer in windows pc. This Full Guide will surely work in your pc. and if you follow above steps correctly. so you can easily Follow above Guide and Schedule Shutdown your Windows Which is Based on PC easily. So, I recommend you to try this guide at least one of the time for Better knowledge in PC field. So some good experiment, for learn Something new. If you have any other !dea, which we should share here in this article or blog then feel free to comment below, i will check that. Also have a look at Solve This Windows is Not Genuine error. or if you have any type of issue while following this above steps then simply comment your valuable comment in below section i will try to answer your Query as soon as possible. come once again for cool tricks like this.


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