SHAREit App Review – Fastest File sharing app

Lenovo’s SHAREit is coming up to be the best application for sharing files between devices. Sharing files via direct connection or bluetooth is a nightmare. Sure you can share data between two Android devices, but what about when your friends carry an iPhone or Windows Phone. It is a strenuous task to share any kind of file with other device without even wasting few seconds.


SHAREit is a unique application that not only allows you to share files but also manages powerpoint presentations on your Laptop via your smartphone. SHAREit provides you this option to make your work 50% lighter. Doesn’t matter, if you are in a presentation in office or in school or college, SHAREit for PC enables you to control the presentation very easily through your laptop or computer.


While, Bluetooth is software that you’ll find in almost every device you expect, for instance Android phone, PC, Windows phone and PC. But it’s not in iOS devices. Therefore, with Bluetooth you cannot share data cross platform i.e. Android to iPhone or iPhone to Windows PC.


Here SHAREit  app allows you to connect with a variety of devices and send files in seconds. As SHAREit uses direct WiFi connection or Hotspot, it doesn’t need any USB cable or network connection unlike Bluetooth. Therefore, SHAREit works 200 times faster than any other application. This gives it an edge over other apps in the digital market like Xender, Cshare, WiFi shoot, File transfer app etc.

It can share almost any type of file you want to – folder, heavy document, music, pictures, videos and much more. Though, it will allow you to share files at a lightening speed, but few files take their own time due to large gigabytes. Therefore, we cannot judge SHAREit on that basis.

SHAREit is just one part of lenovo’s DOit applications, there are some amazing apps that Lenovo has launched recently, for example, REACH it, WRITEit, CLONEit, SYNCit, SEEit, SNAPit and SECUREit. These apps are trying to make their place in the market. But SHAREit is in itself a huge achievement for the company.


Things to notice:


You will surely find some hang-ups while using SHAREit. With its most famous and powerful feature that is “works in lightening speed” also sometimes will show you tantrums while working on huge files. As well as there are complaints from users that SHAREit also crashes while sending files and folder.


Another setback that we can notice while using SHAREit is that, after sharing one file, it automatically loses the network connection. This means that to transfer the next file we have to again repeat the same procedure.


Yes, SHAREit is working awesomely well as compared t its competitors. But if we review the whole application all together, we can notice that SHAREit does carry a baggage of faults. Lenovo need to rectify these problems as soon as possible.

But this should not deter you from downloading this app on your devices, it for sure gives you an edge between your colleagues and friends. What do you think?

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