Top 5 Best Transcription Software for Mac Video/ Audio to Text [Free & Paid] 2021

Best Transcription Software

Free transcription Software to Convert Audio to Text: Guy here you will know the Best Transcription Software for Mac because using this there are many benefits of transcribing audios to text. Many of Person always having a queries about transcribe audio to text mac then let me tell you it is not very easy to use by hear them out and then convert them into the text. If you are a vlogging and you are not providing subtitles for your videos, then you are missing the good opportunity to make your content spread around to more people. So follow Below Article for Transcription Software for MAC. Also Check out Create Gmail Account Without Number.

Over the internet we have lots of Free Transcription Software mac to rescue. The main purpose of this software is transcribe video to text mac conversion which will make your work Easier. Go next to our article for the best transcription software for mac. We all are well aware of the latest developed technologies  which is seen almost in every field like education and industries. In the world of writers, most of the tools are created to help writers like free transcription software. We will also come across such a development. Must Know how to Send Anonymous SMS Without Registration and Create WhatsApp Account With USA Number.

Transcript software basically helps us to automatically transcribe AUDIO to text or convert any (mp4 or mp3 format) video and audio file to text document or in .docx. This will work and manage their performance based on running Operating system. The Main Work of online transcription software is to recognize the human voice behind the video file or audio format and convert them to text files which saved in Document. You may also like how to unlock android pattern lock if Forgotten and Spotify Cracked Premium Apk.

Best Way to Transcribe Audio


This audio to text transcription software mac mainly helps everyone whether you are a business, medical professional, legal professional, or a writer who mainly focuses on the fields related to converting files into text. Personally I tested this Software and Shared with you the best audio to text transcription software By using this many students and personal users are getting benefitted. There is also medical dictation software for mac that is specifically created for medical professionals.

In this article we have tried to include the best featured transcript software for Mac that improves the user’s productivity in our curated list, as it is an important feature that will give us real-time analysis, stress-free life at a low cost transcribe mp4 to text mac. Over Here an average person typing speed is around 60wpm can type 1500 to 2000 words in one hour whereas we humans can speak up to 4000 words in one hour with free audio transcription software mac. The list of the software below will definitely increase the overall productivity by reducing our work time.

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What is the Best Transcription Software for Mac? (Free & Paid)

Get the maximized efficiency and the usage of time, we need to use these best way to transcribe audio to text software programs. These software will help You in getting a text of almost all languages into their desired speech text.

you may find the 5 best way to transcribe audio for mac Software in which some of are free and some are paid but are low in cost and come into your budget. You can download best transcription tools software online easily from their respective website.

Best Free Transcription Software for Mac

1. Express Scribe

Express Scribe Transcription Software is one of the best & popular software. This software is developed by nch scribe transcription software. Express scrib. This one is awesome audio Transcription Software for MAC. This Express scribe transcription is  helps to play audio and video content at same time during the subtitles synchronizing. This nch transcription software Express Scribe is More power full than other media players. This Express Scribe is specially made for MAC Users and it provides lots or amazing features like Multi channel Control, Speed Playback, Playing video and audio. Also Use facebook Social Premium Toolkit.

Express Scribe Transcription software free version Download. You can also have a option to use standard audio formats like wma, wav, mkv, dct, mp3. vob etc.

express scribe free download


This Automatic Transcription Software synchronize and loads files automatically by the internet (FTP), local PC network.


  • Professional interface
  • Customizable features
  • Extensive support
  • Hotkey support


  • Not suitable for Beginners

Express Scribe is also have some package like express scribe professional and Basic Costs which work with speech recognition software to automatically convert audio to text. You can also make your own foot control to playback which is suitable. This will helps you to increase your typing speed in your computer.

Express Scribe Basic costs $29.99, and Professional costs $34.99.

2. Dragon Transcription Software for Mac

Dragon is specially designed specially for Mac users to help with their transcription process. It allow the users to editing the script, changing and imitating the voice of the first person, and many more with collaborative tools. Dragon transcription software is Valuable and too much helpful for rounding our structures. Dragon speech transcription will be the best tool for dictation as well as business-like podcasts. Dragon medical dictation app is also one of the best software for MAC. If your are Player then also Download GTA San Andreas APK.

Dragon medical dictation app


3. Transcribe

Transcribe audio to text software is specially developed for MAC users to transcribe mp3 to text and convert different formats like mp4, mp3, AMR, etc. into the text documents. This live transcribe for mac is also doing online transcribe video to text which work well. It Provide an amazing features automated transcription and dictation.

Transcribe Transcription video to audio



We have option to control audio or videos like – start, stop, pause, fast forward, slow down etc using the keyboard shortcut key. Transcribe app has most important part how to do manual transcription. this Transcribe Video is very perfect in audio transcription software. This software allow us to remove noise and disturbance behind the audio and videos. So Simply Enjoy transcribe video, amazon transcribe, from transcribe wreally.

4. Transcriva (Free)

Transcriva is the most preferred one for commercial purposes due to professional intuitive UI. It helps the educational users with all others editors along with real experience or writing text into word .docx file. Transcriva is simple to use with video or audio conversion. We have a option to Track our progress and Press hotkeys or save shortcuts for a start and stop of recording.

transcriva transcription software

Transcriva is having lots of amazing features like backup & recovery and follow from the options panel.

5. InqScribe

InqScribe is best video transcription software for both users Beginners or Professions. This transcription programs for mac software will help all types of users different prominent operating system like Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac, Backtrack etc to get supported by its unique and awesome converting system of audio to text. This software is Best Audio Transcription Software for MAC is world best software with its easiest usability.

Mac Pre-installed this software in your device and also Mac is most suitable platform for this software. Having Amazing features are available like typing, foot pedal, multi languages, edit tools, and insertion of snippets etc.

InqScribe full crack


We have found Very easy to control which is best things we found in InqScribe. In film industry Professionals and Experts are use this InqScribe for transcribing to edit the movies and music because it allow to add timestamps during play back so you can also reverse navigate. It also provide you an environment for peaceful transcription. This one is also best automatic transcription software so follow any of them.

Final Words

This was the world best transcription software for mac reviews and here all the software that will run on Mac without any issues In future I will also post Transcription software for Windows. I hope you like this article regarding all the Online best audio transcription software info and their features. If you have any issue regarding this article then simply comment in below section. Thanks for Visiting.

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