Build.Prop Tweaks for Android JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop & Marshmallow Devices

Build Prop Tweaks

Howdy Guys, Today I’m back with Another tweaks regarding Build Prop Tweaks for Android Marshmallow, Lollipop, Kitkat, Jellybean Smartphones for boost android device, And get a maximum performance out from it. One of the biggest benefit of buying Android OS Device is that you can tweak with it, Modify it According to your choice. Nowadays usage of android Devices are increasing. so we re sharing this Some Build Prop Tweaks Collection for Android devices, By which you can use in your device and boost it’s performance. These Android Tweaks can boost your device to a new level for get most out from your Android Device. Previously we were shared – How to Increase RAM in Android

nexus Android build prop

These tweaks build.prop android can also work in most of the Android devices, if you have rooted your phone. You can increase your device’s performance and tweaks it for get high graphics too, Get Best Audio quality from android phone and much more. These Build Prop Tweaks are made for Boost device’s performance to a new level. When you buy a brand new device, Manufacturer don’t boost your device for get maximum performance, Because they focused on battery life and some other factors, so you may miss out some Tweaks in your device. But Don’t worry in this post I will also tell you about How can you Tweak your Devices performance with the help of Build Prop Tweaks.

build prop tweaks for rooted android phone

build prop tweaks for rooted android phone

What are Build Prop Tweaks

Build.prop is an android Operating System File, Which Android Use internally for work properly. In Android Build prop File, We will provide some value, Which required to Android for Turn on Properly for Work. Without Build Prop File, Android Can’t Turn on. So In this file, our device’s information available like Model Name, Android Version, Build Number etc and much more. It is very important File for Android, Without this File Android can’t Work.

In This Build Prop File, We can Add Some Cool Tweaks and save the file and after restart device, Changes will apply on your android device and you will see the difference in your android phone. So Simply for Using this Tweaks, you need a Rooted Android Device. So if you have not rooted your Device yet, then you must root it now if you want to use these tweaks. Also give it try How to Boost WiFi Signal in Android for get Maximum Download Speed from your WiFi. There are some WiFi tweaks also available in below.


Latest Collection of Best Build Prop Tweaks

So Finally guys we are here for the Collection of Best Available Build Prop Tweaks, Which you can use in your Android device for make it better. From my side we have provided various tweaks which are best and important according to me like: for boost Ram performance, improve camera quality, improve audio / video quality, Get maximum internet speed etc and much more like this, So let’s have a look on it from below.


1. Better RAM managment

2. Improves audio and video recording quality×1840×720

3. Faster streaming videos

4. Saves power. ro.mot.eri.losalert.delay=1000 could brake tethering.

5. 3G tweaks.

6. Disables logcat

7. Screen recognizes only two fingers.

8. Support for ipv4 and ipv6.

9. Phone rings immediately.

10. Video acceleration and HW debugging. debug.composition.type can also be changed to cpu or mdp.
debug.egl.profiler=1 # Measure rendering time in adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo
debug.composition.type=gpu # Disable hardware overlays and use GPU for screen compositing

11. Disables built-in error reporting.

12. Disables blackscreen issue after a call.

13. Better scrolling.

14. Better signal.

15. Better call voice quality.

16. Better signal.

17. Faster boot.

18. Disables error checking.

19. Dalvik Virtual Machine tweaks.

20. Disables locating. Also delete /system/app/networklocation.apk and /system/

21. Disables sending of usage data.

22. Better image quality, lower performance.

23. Disable notification while adb is active

24. Change LCD density – My Favorite
– Default value is 240. Don’t forget to install a patched market after changing it.

25. MMS APN retry timer set to 2 sec( if SMS/MMS couldn`t be sent, it retries after 2 instead of 5 seconds).
ro.gsm.2nd_data_retry_config=max/_retries=3, 2000, 2000, 2000

26. Key lights stay on while screen is on.

27. Disable strict mode checking.

28. Remove FPS cap. May be unstable – better have it activated

29. build.prop tweaks for battery life


30. build.prop tweaks for improved performance


31. Better net speeds.
4096, 16384,256960
6,163 84,256960
7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
7380,256960,4096,163 84,256960

How to Use Build Prop Tweaks in your Android Device

So Guys this section for those who’s don’t know How to Use These Build Prop Tweaks in your Android Device, then you can simply follow the below easy tutorial for know more about How can i use Build.Prop Tweaks in my rooted android Mobile device.

  • At First, Download Root Explorer App in your Phone from here – Download
  • After Download & Install Root Explorer in your Device, Simply Open This app from App List.
  • Then Go to /System/ folder and you will see there some Files & Folders. Now find the name of build.prop from the list in /system
  • Now you will see an option of Mount R/O from Top of Root Explorer, Click on it and it will ask for root permissions click on grant/ allow and you’re done.


build prop tweaks android

Build Prop Tweaks 

  •  Now Long press on the build.prop file and click on Open With – Text Editor.

build prop tweaks for lollipop

  • Now Copy any Above Tweaks code of your choice and paste it at last of the file and save it.
Reboot Device for see the build.prop changes

build prop tweaks for kitkat

Caution – These Tweaks can also harm your device, so it is necessary to backup your device first via going to custom recovery or keep your device’s stock rom ready with you for any causes occure

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Friends, These was the some of Build prop Tweaks for Android devices, which you can use in your phone now, and tweak your device for get maximum performance from it. And if you have any other awesome tweaks in your mind then you can simply share with us via comment below, I will try to add it in this article after the testing or research on it. And if you have any question regarding this post or facing any issues while following his Guide, then simply comment below I will try to help you, So keep connected with us for more stuffs like this.

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