How to Hack Your Friends WhatsApp Account Ethically 2021

Ethically Hack WhatsApp Account

Hi Guys, I’m back with another cool Whatsapp Tricks So in this Tutorial I will tell you How can you hack Your Friend’s Whatsapp Account Ethically via your PC. I’m Sure you must have searches lot over the internet regarding Whatsapp hacking or whatever. Some of the peoples thinks That hacking whatsapp is possible, and Some thinks It is impossible. As you all know that every Website have it’s own vulnerability / Weakness. For Example Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Etc Websites Account can be hacked by Phishing etc. But Questions is that How you can hack someone’s whatsapp? If there is no login / id password. Anyways There is no Such a things available in Whatsapp too, Which we can use for hack someone’s Whatsapp Account. Previously we were shared – Dual Whatsapp Plus for multiple whatsapp account.

For a Example, Whatsapp have Whatsapp Web Features, Which you can Use for chat with your Friends on PC via Whatsapp Web. So here is the main part of hacking If you just login your friend’s Whatsapp on your PC via Whatsapp Web, then your can read their messages, reply to their messages too easily without any kind of trouble. And This Method is currently working flawlessly without without any trouble. Also have a look at – How to Set Password On Whatsapp For Secure your whatsapp messages. Here I have Tried my best to explain this method in very easiest way, So let’s have a look on this Guide from below.

How to Secure your WhatsApp Account From Social Hacking

As you all know Facebook WhatsApp Messaging service is easy to Set up and this simple process means your account Can be hacked if you are not careful. If you know how to Hack WhatsApp Account then you can also Secure your WhatsApp Account From Hackers. Also if your account was hacked then you will get a Trick to recover your hacked whatsapp account.


ethically hack whatsapp account

How to Hack your Friend’s Whatsapp Account Ethically

So guys if you are thinking that it is interested, and you would like to use this easy method, then simply follow below methods. It will help you to ethically hack your friend’s whatsapp accounts easily. Simply give it try to each and every steps and you will be able to read your friend’s whatsapp messages without any hassle.


  • Take a Mobile of your Friends, In which WhatsApp is Installed and you Would Like to Read Their Chats Secretly.
  • Simply Open Whatsapp & Press Menu Button and Go To WhatsApp Web.

hack whatsapp chat history

  • Click On (+) Button from Top Right & It Will Open QR Code Scanner Like Screenshot.

hack whatsapp android

hack whatsapp apk

hack whatsapp apk

  • Now Scan The Code With Whatsapp QR Code Scanner Which you was opened with above steps in PC

hack whatsapp without access to phone

  • Yeah..! You’re Done Now Whatsapp Account of your Friends Will be logged in Into your PC.
  • Now you can Read Their Chats, Send Messages from their Chats Secretly.

hack whatsapp remotely

Some Conditions to Make his Trick Work

For Making this trick work, There are some conditions which you should take care of to work i am explaining some Conditions below Which you may follow / ready for dig into someone’s whatsapp chatting and read their whatsapp messages in easy way.

  1. Mobile Data / WiFi Must be Working on Victim’s Device for Read Their Chats, or Send Messages etc
  2. You must have a Victim’s Device in your hand for scan a code on your pc via whatsapp web for use their whatsapp in PC {First Time Only}
  3. Victim Must Not Reinstall Whatsapp / Re Verify Whatsapp Account, If he does so your whatsapp web session on PC will be destroy so you have to do above step again.

How to Save your Whatsapp from Being Hacked With Whatsapp Web

If you are thinking that someone also did this to your whatsapp, then simply follow below steps. It will Delete all Session which are logged in your whatsapp on any PC / Laptop. Previously we were shared – How To Increase Download speed in Android

  • Open your Whatsapp and Go to Whatsapp Web Option.
  • If you See any Active Session Devices, Just Delete Them from there.


That’s it guys This was the way which you can use for Ethically Hack your Friend’s Whatsapp Account & Read their Chats Send / Receive Messages from Their Whatsapp Account Silently. So If you have any issue and problem regarding this article simply comment below I’m here to help you, So keep connected to this blog for cool tricks like this.


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