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Facebook iPhone Camera Bug

Facebook iphone camera bug

Facebook  has faced a salvo of worry over an obvious bug that resulted in the social media giant’s iPhone app revealing the camera as users roll through their feed.

A tweet over the weekend blew up after Joshua Maddux tweeted a screen video recording of the Facebook app on his iPhone. He noticed that the camera would come into sight behind the Facebook app as he scrolling through his social media feed.

A number of users had previously spotted the bug earlier in the month. One person called it “a little disquieting.”

Few straight away assumed the most horrible — as you might anticipate, given the long history of security exposure, data breaches and unintentional Vulnerabilities at Facebook over the past time. Just last week, the company established that some developers had rudely keeped access to some Facebook user data for extra year.

Why Facebook iPhone Camera Bug Occure

Will Starfish, chief executive at protector Firewall, say it looked like a “risk-free but creepy looking bug.”

The bug appear to only involve iPhone users running the latest iOS 13 software, and those who have already decided the app access to the camera and microphone. Users to take photos to believed that the bug relate to the “story” view in the app, which opens the camera.

One work about is to simply repeal camera and microphone access to the Facebook app in their iOS settings.

Facebook vice president of honesty Guy Rosen tweeted this morning that it “sounds like a bug” and the company was investigate. Only after we published, a representative established that AllTricksZone the concern was in fact a bug.

Freshly exposed that version 244 of the Facebook iOS app would wrongly launch in landscape mode,” said the representative. “In fixing that issue last week in v246 — launched on Nov 8th — we inadvertently introduce a bug that happen the app to in part of navigate to the camera screen neighboring to News Feed when users tapped on photos

“Have seen no proof of photos or videos being uploaded due to this bug- Yes” the representative Add additional. The bug fix was submitted for Apple’s approval today.

“Thought it does say something when Facebook trust has worn so badly that it will not get the benefit of the distrust when people see such a bug,” said Strafach.

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