1. Wow Itz Working Thanx for sharing. Thankyou so much..

  2. sir computer mein kisay kr sakty hai yeh plz bata dae ap

  3. Thanks Dude , created so many facebook account, thanks i Love this site

  4. Sir 1 hi post pe zyada comments krne par ye id Hamesha k liye block kyu hojati hai…
    Jabki jo gmail se confrm hoti hai wo zyada commnts krne par hamesha k liye block nahi hoti. ….

    iska kch solution btayen…
    k id kabhi block na ho

    • They Thought that you are doing spam [new account] thats why they block your account, Just use normally for 1-2 weeks then your account cannot be Block because it became old. and you can also use your gmail account

  5. Thanks Sir… Can i also create account on my tablet

  6. Awesome site really good, well done

  7. Dear Ravi ,thanks for so easy and useful trick.I have created many fb account using ur trick.please send some other tricks useful to android e.g. to change android I’d.

  8. Good article Ravi, but how it aslo works on iOS? Tks a lot

  9. Shalom
    Dude can i subscribe for every single post that u’ve been made or wanna made?

    I really need any trickstricks u have earlier

    Once u made a trick please let me know

    Nb:prefer working for indonesian region,cz im trying your paytm but its only available at india

  10. Hello Ravi..ek problem hai brother…. hardly 10 to 15 ac bane uske baad code accpet karneke baad fir security block aa rha … phone no. v mang rha code accept karneke baad

  11. My site has a slow loading issue, how can i fix it sir?

  12. Bruce Willson says

    Thanks bro, Thank you so muc

  13. How to change ip

  14. Please help me for create unlimited Facebook id without email or mobile number my contact is 9723707437

  15. hey dude thanks for your sharing btw
    it was a great help for me

    but i try it on memu emulator android
    i had installed all the apps,but fb seems can know me..
    do you have some advice?
    i want to try this on samsung s4 lolipop 5.0
    but im kind of confuse about instaling xposed framework for donkeyguard working
    is there any way to change our imei ??
    please help me.

  16. Hi ..i use iphone 4..but whenever i make fb account with opera it stops working nd asks for mobile number for verification most of the time..can you suggest me something by which i can make multiple accounts with some existing emails i have

  17. Although i have already made accounta at nd just need to transfer em on facebook but its getting so harder due to verification

  18. Somebody help me please
    I cant find my imei
    Is device id = imei ?
    And is it need vpn to create about 50 or more acc in 1 day?

  19. Haseeb Ahmad says

    Brother agr laptop pe bnana ho then without using bluestalk etc ham kesy security check sy bach sakty hain. If we just need to reconect for changing ip address or we have to do something else also. Thanks waitning for your reply me if it is possible

  20. How to sign in in this divismail dude ?

  21. Li Zhong says

    hello, just curious why female is must ? thanks ya

  22. Sir I how can get fb confirmation code on temporary email address. Like Gmail we put our password and user name. But on it I didn’t get my confirmation code.

  23. Behram khan says

    I want to create 1k fb accounts but it ask for number verification

  24. All Tricks Zone really amazing coupons and freebies !!

  25. Hey thanks but is it possible that we will be blocked if we use this method????

  26. Hey I’m having a problem installing the donkey app. It’s downloaded but the exposed installer thing isn’t installing it or something please email me at [email protected]

    • If you are using a lollipop or Marshmallow then there is a another way to install Xposed installer. refer to google and if you are using a kitkat or lower version of android then simply install the XPosed Installer

  27. Hey Another Question hahaha If I use my laptop to create multiple accounts is using vpn would work? then I will use ccleaner to clean all the dns thingy and browser cache and cookies etc???

  28. is “Just Reconnect your Insternet ISP you will got a new IPs” the same with re connecting my vpn????

  29. Hasanur Islam says

    I want to unlimited facebook account on pc…. r u help me ?

  30. yar problem yeh aa rahe hay kay donkey guard install ho raa
    ha hay lakin chall ni raha

  31. Hello Dear master , Thanks and regards for your usefull article , I have a question about donkeyguard funections , please tell me how and where and pointedly which values of Opera mini should be changed in donkeyguard ? Where can i find the value of imei ? Again much thank and regards for your support

  32. Need Phone Verified GMAIL ID?

  33. Hi sir, I have successfully create but the account was open by another name (like I was create by name priya and it was open by name meena) it means someone using this account….what is mean of this ??????

  34. Great trick bro – Ur Tech Partner

  35. Awesome post

  36. Sir,can I use this for iPad or iPhone ?

  37. Thanks for this system it is working perfectly. Thanks bro.

  38. Tyler Van Brussel says

    Do I have to use Opera Mini Browser? I’ve tried to upload profile photo’s but I can’t do it through the Opera Mini Browser. Is there a browser that is similar that will still work with this method? I am using Bluestacks

  39. Hi sir how can i root my phone

  40. Nicholas Bugeja says

    Hi thanks for the guide, if you disconnect router and get new IP everytime, and then log in on a previous accounts that you create, won’t fb notice that each account has a different IP again?

  41. Hi sir
    I have rooted my device samsung galaxy J5 model name J500F but donkeyguard is install but could not open.and after making normally 3-4 fake id in fb require to put photo plese solve these two problem

  42. Thanks working fine for me

  43. where I can sell those account..if I create 1000 accout how many usd I can get

  44. dear sir your method is very good buti have a problem,when i complete my profile then facebook want my photo and then checkpoint block me,dear sir please help to me giving a solution in this problem.

  45. osan bronsky says

    I am really evolving in different tricks each time I visited, thanks a lot for this valuable contents

  46. Why the temp_email doesn’t receive any code so what can i do?

  47. Dimitro says

    Wao it worked perfectly and I have created 10 different account so far, but how do I get permanent email address to replace the temporal email address that I used to create the fb account?

  48. Dimitro says

    Hi Ravi,
    I have created 10 account with this trick, it really worked. But how can I change the temporal email.

  49. Any facebook account hacking system please contact me lets do business

  50. I want to sell unlimited facebook account per day..With this trick

  51. What if I want to login with those many Facebook accounts after creating them? Do I have to change Android Id , imei, and clear the cookies everytime I login to Facebook accounts?

  52. Mr. Khoir says

    this is working, thanks you very much 😀

  53. Hello mate, thanks for your help i successfully created a second account but here’s a question:
    I’m really afraid of logging in to the facebook app or by using my computer, i think it will require a phone number after a couple oc minutes OR it will get disabled within an hour.
    So what should i do? Stay in opera mini for three days to a week (then try to log in to fb app), do not log in in facebook app at all, or the account won’t actually get disabled/require a phone number?
    Please let me know!

  54. Fredy Kristian says

    can i make unlimited fb account like this using pc browser??
    if yes,how ?? how to deleted my cache on my pc completly??
    so facebook will recognize me as new user like on mini opera on android..
    because i try it on opera in pc,but always get block by picture upload..

  55. Fred moeslim says

    dear master
    i try to make fb account on incognito firefox
    but always stuck with photo blocked
    i already delete temp,%temp%,prefetch
    even i use cc cleaner to clean my browser..
    i done change the ip too.
    but still get issue

    please help me master

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  57. sell unlimited fb id

  58. It is not working in 2018

  59. Danny Maxwell says

    Great artice I’m gonna try it. But can u explain what the main reasons are for having 1000 fool accounts? How does it make money?
    Please help me.understand

  60. Such an awesome article about create unlimited multiple facebook accounts without mobile numbers, thank you so much for providing this article, helped me a lot

  61. Does this trick still work in 4/2020?

  62. Wow…!! Created so many account

  63. Shadman Shuvo says

    Thanks sir, Searching this from so many days

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