1. thank you

  2. Michele Albert says:

    send message to friends is working or not?

  3. Is it work on Android phone

  4. Brainarts D says:

    Thanks for sharing this Awesome Facebook Premium Toolkit

  5. Nice post Ravi this is an awesome tool for facebook – Ur Tech Partner

  6. thanks ravi bro

  7. dyey mahindra says:

    group posting tool not working

  8. thnx Bro

  9. Dinesh Sangwan says:

    Thanks dear for sharing this trick, It unlocked premium version just by entering random email and key.

  10. Kingsley Ikenna says:

    Thanks. I only need the multiple group posting.

    But am seeing two group posting there.

  11. Dennis Hitomo says:

    Thanks working fine

  12. najee abbasi says:

    Wow searching for last 4 month now finally got message all friends feature

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