1. thank you

  2. Michele Albert says

    send message to friends is working or not?

  3. Is it work on Android phone

  4. Brainarts D says

    Thanks for sharing this Awesome Facebook Premium Toolkit

  5. Nice post Ravi this is an awesome tool for facebook – Ur Tech Partner

  6. thanks ravi bro

  7. dyey mahindra says

    group posting tool not working

  8. thnx Bro

  9. Dinesh Sangwan says

    Thanks dear for sharing this trick, It unlocked premium version just by entering random email and key.

  10. Kingsley Ikenna says

    Thanks. I only need the multiple group posting.

    But am seeing two group posting there.

  11. Dennis Hitomo says

    Thanks working fine

  12. Nice sir

  13. najee abbasi says

    Wow searching for last 4 month now finally got message all friends feature

  14. najee abbasi says

    thhanks sir

  15. Oladimeji Akerele says

    some premium tools are missing in my fst as i only have few of the tools e.g i dont av extract group member member email icon on my fst…please help

  16. Tehseen Amir says

    Wow..!! Thats Awesome

  17. Thank you very much for this one. And I hope this will be useful for many people.. and I am waiting for your next post keep on updating these kinds of knowledgeable things…

  18. sending messages to all friends doesn’t work 🙁

  19. when i give load unpacked , i couldn’d find any name in the folder which you said. what will i have to do .

  20. Alejandro says

    Does the facebook toolkit still work?

  21. thanks it works

  22. Seleccion says

    Does the extension still work? we are September 2021

  23. Victoria Black says

    Some Tweaks are awesome in this Toolkit

  24. Wow nice article

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