How to Get Talktime loan on Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance, Docomo, Uninor and Videocon

How to get talktime loan on Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance, DOCOMO, and Uninor With USSD

How to Get Talktime loan: Now A day Taking Talk time on loan in their mobile phone Is very Important. If Your Mobile Phone Balance Is Low Then You can take Loan From the Operator and you will get some credit, But you should return it with extra service charge. In India Airtel was the first Who introduce a balance loan service in India in the year 2009. So In This Article i will show you how can you get talktime loan in any operators like Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance, DOCOMO, and Uninor. Generally, Most of the time when your Mobile Data is Low, so you can keep visiting our blog for sure, to get the Latest Tech Tricks Like this. Here we are sharing So Many USSD Code here, in which you can enjoy Free Talktime loan, in any operator in India. With the help of below USSD Codes you can Directly Get the Talktime Loan From your mobile phone, which i have mentioned in Below. So give it try at once for How to Get Talktime Loan with USSD. Previously I have also shared an article of How to Install Dolby Atmos Apk Without Root and Premium Spotify Cracked Apk.

Loan Number and Loan Codes / Load USSD Codes

For Getting Loans In Your Mobile Phone Sim Only if their Emergency when you need it badly. But For Taking Loan your sim must be 60 Days Old in Some Operators. So here is quick guide to take Talktime loan in your Sim. Using this method you can Get Talktime loan in any operator, loan amount will be 10 Rs Normally. For  having Talktime loan All Operators have different USSD Codes, for Getting the talktime loan. It is very helpful thing by which you can Get Talktime loan in Emergency. For Example, If your mobile Balance is 0 and you want to make Important call somewhere which is really an important call, Then you can Take Talktime Loan and enjoy this offer. We was also shared Method for Sharing Data Pack in Idea

Number Dial Karo Talktime Le Jao

How to Get Talktime Loan

So guys With the Below Full Tutorial, you can Get the Talktime loan in your Sim Card. You can also Checkout Airtel Data Share Easy Method. We was also share Easy Method for Check Own Mobile Number. After checking your Own Phone Number, You can also like to Get All Latest USSD Codes list. So these was the Some Latest USSD Codes, which you must check and try in Your Mobile Phone. So for Getting the Talktime loan in your Mobile Phone, Checkout Full steps from below. Now you and your Friend both are able to use internet by Share internet.

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List of Get Talktime loan Operators

  • Airtel

  • Aircel

  • idea

  • Bsnl

  • Vodafone

  • Reliance

  • Docomo

  • Uninor (Telenor)

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Full Chart

Operator USSD Code
Aircel SMS LOAN to 55414
Airtel *141*10#
BSNL SMS “CREDIT” to “53738”
Tata Docomo *369#
Reliance Type “YCR” and send to 51234
Vodafone SMS “CREDIT” And send it to “144”
Idea *150*10#
Telenor *141#

How to get talktime loan In airtel (10 rs)

If your Airtel Sim Balance is Lower than 5 Rs, then you can take the Talktime loan from airtel Sim Card. you can get loan via USSD Code or via Sending message in your Airtel sim. Choice is yours. Getting talktime loan is the lot easier Days. So checkout the full Method from Below USSD. Some before we were also shared a Method for Share Airtel Data Pack.

how to get talktime loan in airtel

  • Dial *141*10# (Airtel loan number) from your mobile
  • Now select the option for loan and get 10 Rs in your main account balance

you can use above USSD Code or you can also call in 52141 for Get Talktime Loan from Airtel. SO guys it is lot easy to Get Talktime in Airtel Sim Cards, With one simple click, You can easily get Talktime loan from your Airtel Sim Cards. So Get the Talktime loan from airtel, So, if you need it. Also checkout more operators loan USSD Codes.

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How to Get Talktime loan in aircel (10 rs)

If you are Aircel user and Looking for a way, How to get Loan in Aircel, then you are at right place, in Aircel you can get 10 rs talktime loan from aircel. with the help of this you can Get instant loan on Aircel, using this Aircel Loan Code. There are 2 ways for Get Talktime loan in Aircel, This is one of the best Operator with low budget, first one is from USSD code, or second is Getting talktime loan via SMS, Checkout both of the methods now from below. Also have an look at Aircel Data Sharing offer, in which you can share Airtel Data pack with your friends/ Family members

how to get talktime loan in aircel

  • Open Your Dial Pad Dial *414# then Follow the instruction to get the loan talktime in your Aircel Sim Card
  • You can also SMS LOAN To 55414. for Get talktime loan from your Aircel sim Card

After taking loan 2 rs Extra Loan Charges will apply. So guys, this was the latest way for Get Talktime loan in Aircel Sim Card, via USSD code or via SMS. You need to return 12 rs from your main balance, When you want to return your Amount to Aircel.

How to Get talktime loan in Idea sim Card(10 Rs)

!dea Sim cards are much more popular these days. Now you have a ability to get talktime loan in your idea sim card easily, with the help of Simple USSD codes. Using this USSD you can easily get talktime loan in idea sim card, with below USSD Code. If you want to get talktime loan in your idea sim card, then just follow this one of the very best simple steps.

So, If you want to get Talktime loan from idea sim card, then your Sim card must be 90+ days old, else you will not be eligible for get talktime loan. You can Get 10 Rs Talktime loan from idea and you have to give them 13.8 Rs in return. You can also get a 5 Rs talktime loan.

how to get talktime loan in idea

You idea Balance Must be less than 2 rs for Get Talktime Loan from idea

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  • If you want 5 Rs loan in Idea sim card then Dial *165*5# and you will get 5 rs in your Idea Sim Card, then you have to pay them 6 rs, for return amount of 5 rs loan (Extra 1 Rs)
  • idea 10 rs loan code *150*10# You can easily get 10 rs talktime loan with this USSD code and you have to return 13.8 rs to them (Extra 3.8 Rs)
  • For get 4 rs idea Talktime loan dial, how to get talktime loan in idea *444# and then you have to Return 5 rs to them (Extra 1 Rs)

That’s it guys these was the USSD Codes for How to get idea loan. Checkout more operators USSD codes now from below. Also have a look at How to share Idea Internet.

How to get talktime loan in bsnl (10 Rs)

Yeah.!! Guys there is the Best Good News for All BSNL Users, that they can also Get 10 Rs loan now in their card. This is the best good thing in BSNL, that you can get 10 Rs Talktime Loan and return it without any extra charges in 24 hours. if you return loan amount after 24 hours, then you will be charged 11 rs (Extra 1 Rs)

how to get talktime loan in bsnl

  • Open Message Box, Type “CREDIT” and send it to “53738
  • you will get the loan of free 10 rs in BSNL number.
  • BSNL talktime loan ussd code

This was the very easiest way for how to get loan on BSNL also see more Operators USSD Codes from below.

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How to get talktime loan in vodafone (10 Rs)

So, guys if you also have Vodafone Sim Card, then it is possible to get talktime loan from them, if you don’t know how to get Loan in Vodafone Hutch. So here you can take talktime loan easily from your vodafone sim cards, via simple SMS, or via calling them. Make sure your checked Vodafone live chat, in which you can chat with vodafone customer care, for type of help, complaints or anything, also for any query regarding your vodafone sim card.

how to get talktime loan in vodafone

  • Type “CREDIT” And send it to “144” you will get 10 Rs as loan in your Vodafone balance free.
  • You can also Call on 1241 for get free talktime loan from your vodafone talktime loan ussd code

So guys by this method you can get Talktime of 5rs, 10 Rs or 25 Rs from Vodafone and you have to give them Rs 6, 12, 28 Rs when you are returning loan amount to vodafone. So guys in emergency you can get talktime loan in your vodafone sim card from them. Also have a look at – Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone.

How to get talktime loan in Reliance (10 Rs)

Guys if you are user of Reliance Sim Card, then you can get talktime loan easily from your sim card. You can Get rs 10, 5 rs loan from your Reliance sim card. Firstly let me tell you that there are 2 Methods for get loan of talktime in reliance sim card. just dial Below USSD Code, or you can also send messages to Get talk-time Loan according to you.

how to get talktime loan in reliance

  • Type “YCR” and Send to 51234 from your Reliance Sim Card for Get Free Talktime loan
  • Or you can Dial Reliance gsm talktime loan code *141# from your Reliance sim to get talktime loan ussd code

Guys this is the working Reliance USSD Code for Reliance users & Reliance gsm talk time loan code 100% working.

How to get talktime loan in Tata Docomo (10 rs)

As other company Docomo also started loan services for their Customers. You can easily get talktime loan from your Docomo Sim Card with the simple way. So, now you can easily enjoy free 3g in your Docomo Sim Card too. anyways have a simple easy look at How to get Talktime loan in Tata Docomo from below. because this is very important so checkout talktime ussd code for loan for Docomo sim card.

how to get talktime loan in docomo

  • Dial *369# from your Phone and follow on screen instruction for get talktime loan in your docomo Sim Card for free
  • You can also get talktime loan in Tata Docomo, Just Open Messages Box & Type ‘LOAN’ and send it to 369 from Docomo mobile
  • You will get the loan From docomo talktime loan ussd code

Important: You need to be a docomo customer for 90 days and your Account Balance must be less than 5 to avail this offer.

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How to Get Talktime Loan in Telenor/ Uninor (5 rs)

Guys as you all know that, Uninor has changed their Company name to Telenor. They are also offering 5 rs talktime loan, for their users. if you are wishing to get a 5 rs Free talktime loan from Uninor / Telenor. You just need to dial a simple ussd code which is mentioned below for Get talktime loan in Uninor. Have a look on that USSD code now from below.

how to get talktime loan in uninor telenor

  • Dial *141# and follow on Screen instructions for get 5 Rs loan from your Telenor sim Card
  • Uninor talktime loan ussd code

That’s it guys this was the easy way to get Rs 5 Talktime from Uninor / Telenor sim card. You can Comment below, if any of the above Code is not working

how to get talktime loan in Videocon

  • Dial *140#
  • And Follow The Instruction.
  • Videocon talktime loan ussd code

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Final Words

That’s it Guys, this was the new latest working method / way for get talktime Loan in your Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance, and Uninor sim cards, By using this way, you can easily able to get The Talktime Loan in your Sim Card. Above i have added full method for how to Get talktime loan in any network / operator. So friends these was the Latest USSD codes, for how to get talktime loan in Airtel, idea, Aircel, Vodafone, Bsnl, Docomo, Reliance and Uninor sim cards. Also Comment below Which USSD code working for you and which code are not working, also mention the state. Now just bookmark this post and refer it when ever to are stuck in a situation that requires you to avail the advance balance. Thanks For Comming Here & If you fing any wrong USSD code For Getting Loan please comment bellow.

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