How to Unlock Pattern lock without Data loss in Android Phone

How to Unlock Pattern Without Losing Data

Hey Guys if you have locked out of the Android phone with pattern or pin, then simply follow below Easy Tutorial for how to Break Pattern lock on Android phones without Losing Data. So, guys How to unlock android phone pattern lock without losing data is most trending this days. People day by searches a new ways to remove lock without losing data. As you all know that nowadays Android has becomes one of the most commonly used OS which used by everyone. And the Android OS is provided by Google and recently, there was an article which gave details on How to unlock Android phone pattern lock without losing data, but it had a lot of limitation and lead to formatting the entire data of the user. Also have a look at how to Unlock Android Sim Lock with phone for unlock locked Sim cards. In the modern world, everyone put pattern locks in their smartphones. So how yo unlock android pattern lock without factory reset is a hug question. So forget pattern lock is a common things as you all knows. you can find many ways on the internet for unlock pattern lock but in most of the guides your data will wipe and you lose all your apps, contacts, messages, Photos etc.


Unlock pattern lock without data loss

It is common for most of us to lose the data present in the Android devices. Losing the precious data can be one of the toughest aspects which we may find it difficult to face and is something which we like to avoid and not able to face. How to Unlock android pattern lock without Factory reset & without debugging. So you will unlock the pattern lock without losing data. So, here i’ll tell you a Easy trick how to unlock android pattern lock of forgotten or without wipe data. You may also like How to Enable Chat heads in Whatsapp just like Facebook Messenger. So here I’m gonna tell you how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset easily step by step in this Full Tutorial. Only you need a PC for unlock pattern lock and driver installed on your PC/ Laptop. And the perfect method to unlock pattern lock and password android device without losing data from the device. How to unlock pattern lock in android Micromax or Samsung or any Android smartphones.

pattern lock remove without data loss

How to Remove Pattern Lock Without losing data

So guys, it is a good thing to set a lock on Android Phones for your privacy and protect Data. you must change your Pattern lock more often. And of you change your lock too many times, then there is a possibility that you will forget your pattern Lock . So, in this case you want to unlock pattern lock on your device. and as you all know, for unlock pattern lock you need to hard reset by wiping data on your device, If you do so your all data will loose. So in this Tutorial i’m gonna tell you how to get into a locked Android phone with simple trick without losing your personal data. Also have a look at How to Increase download speed with IDM optimizer

software. and if you really want to speed up your Device then check out How to Speed Up Device by Closing Background apps in Android. So, in this article we were share a way to Unlock Pattern Lock with the help of Gmail Account. If your data connection is turned off then Gmail Account Reset Method will not work. So you need to apply some different Tweaks for Unlock Pattern Lock in Android Device.

unlock pattern lock without data loss


How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Internet (No Data Loss)

Nowadays All of us using Smartphones today mostly have a lock device on our devices. This lock system is basically to protect our Photos or personal data from getting leaked or visible to other people. Also in case Where your phone is stolen or lost, So, locks always help in protecting your phones. with the constant usage of phones and other account where passwords are needed we at time forget the password that we have applied to lock our phone this problem is very commonly.

unlock pattern lock without data loss

unlock pattern lock without data loss

Quick Navigation To Crack Android Pattern Lock


Reset Password via Forgot Password/ Recover By Gmail

While try to unlock the device, we at times enter wrong password for a couple of times and at that time you will get a link asking If you forgot your password or your Unlock Pattern. Perform the following steps to unlock your device with the help of this easy link

  • Just trying proving the wrong password till that link pops up
  • Click on it once it appears. It will guide you to the Account unlock page
  • Simply Enter your Google Authorization to gain access once again

There are some devices which will not accept this verification method. In such case use a 2-Step Google verification method to unlock your phone device.

Reset Android Pattern Password when you can’t access your Google Account

if you are using android phone then there are also chances that you forgot your google account password too not you cannot access your gmail account as well as restore Android Device. Google password can also be reset from the Account recovery page. if that does not work there is an alternate method as well. Google will ask your some Security questions which it would have noted While you have made your Gmail Account for the first time. And that questions would be related to your Gmail account details, you contacts, Emails, previous passwords and other information and by answering these questions, you will b able to reset your Google account password and once you gain access that you simply have to follow the steps that are mentioned in previous easy method.

Unlock Pattern Lock Without data Loss

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Basic Requirements Before unlock pattern lock without data loss

So, guys for unlock pattern lock without losing data, you need some things to be prepared. So check out some of the requirements now from below for know more about unlocking pattern locks in Android.

  • At first, make sure that you have drivers installed on your PC for your Android phone.If not installed then Download Drivers now and install it
  • Make sure you have flashed a custom recovery on your Android phone if any – CWM, twrp etc you can google it how to install cwm in your device name here.
  • Then you need a Fastboot Drivers for following this easy Process, You can find Download link from below
  • This Tutorial will only works in those Devices, in which Bootloader is not locked.

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how to Unlock Pattern on Android Without Losing Data

So guys, now follow Below Step by step Easy Tutorial for Unlock Pattern Lock on your Android phone without losing data. You may also try How to flash cwm with flashify. In this article i have provided easy step by step full guide for unlocking the pattern lock in android. So friends you can simply follow each and all step one by one for unlock pattern lock on your Android device without losing your personal data like photo videos etc.

  • Firstly Install USB Drivers for your Android Smartphone, So, you can Search and find on Google quickly. If you are not able to find USB driver for your device from Google, then simply comment below i will provide you the download link of USB drivers of your device. because, every device have different USB Driver, for download USB drivers accordingly to your device only.


  • Then flash a custom recovery like TWRP, cwm, Phiz etc recovery in your Device, if you haven’y flashed already. You can find tutorial on Google on How to Flash custom Recovery on your Device. and make sure you flash Custom Recovery for your Device only. Flashing other devices Custom recovery may brick your Cell phone for sure.

twrp pattern unlock

  • After that Reboot your phone into recovery mode with help of Key Combination Like Power + Volume Down. Remember that every device has different Key Combination for Goto The recovery Mode

unlock android pattern without loss data

  • Now Download Fastboot drivers from Download Fastboot and after the Download Fastboot Drivers, Simply Extract zip file and Goto the Folder which you have extracted. You will see some files in the folder like screenshot.

android pattern unlock

  • When your device Successfully Reboot into Custom Recovery Simply Click on Mount and Storage option
  • Then click to mount/data/ Option & it will mount data folder from your Phone device.

cwm unlock pattern lock

  • Then Open fastboot drivers folder which you downloaded from above, in which you will also see some files
  • then Press and Hold Right Shift button and right click on anywhere in blank spaces of folder and Select Open Command Windows Here
unlock pattern lock without data loss

unlock pattern lock without data loss

  • After that type this simple command for making sure your device is attached properly to PC or not

Adb devices

  • then it will show you list of attached if it is not showing your device then install driver correctly for your android Device, or try to connect your device to the Different USB port. if still not detects, then try with different USB Cable
  • Then at last Enter Following code in fastboot shell one by one

adb shell

rm /data/system/gesture.key

unlock pattern lock without data loss

how to remove pattern lock without losing data

  • Then reboot your phone to normally, from Recovery Mode directly you will see Reboot Option
  • Then you will not see any Pattern lock you will see swipe lock screen if you are still getting a option of pattern, then simply Draw any Pattern, and it will unlock your Device.


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Yeah after following above step it will Successfully unlock pattern lock from your device, Without losing Data. I have tested this method with Micromax Unite 2, Motorola g 3, Oneplus2, Mi Note 3, Mi 3s Prime, Moto G4 plus and it is working fine. if you have any issues or suggestions, then you can simply comment below You may also like Best Torrent Sites List


Note- I am Not responsible for any Damage to your phone while Following this Guide.


That’s it guys this was the complete guide for unlock pattern lock of any Android smartphone without losing data. So try it and you will also get success because in this article we have Provided your 3 Working method to Unlock Smartphone pattern, This method is 100% working and tested by me. Also try How to Unblock Websites in Android Phone. So Please Don’t use this for illegal purpose. I am not responsible for any damage happen with your phone so try at your own risk. If you feel any problem during follow the step simply comment in below section for How to unblock Android device without Data loss


  1. require driver for MI note 3

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