Download IDM Optimizer and Increase Download Speed For Windows/ MacOS

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Download IDM Speed Optimizer now in your Windows PC for Boost Up Downloading Speed in your PC Easily. As you know, In Many of the Countries, WiFi and Other internet Connection Speed is very slow, and if we need to download anything, we need to wait for a long time to download Big files, which is very difficult. So, in this article, i will show you, that how can you boost download speed in your PC/ MAC, with the help of IDM Optimizer. You can easily use this idm speed booster. and by using this it will for surely increase download speed in your Pc. Some days before we were also shared an Awesome Guide on How to Prank your friends by Crashing their Browser, Which is a very good way, for make fun of your friends and prank with them. So, With this IDM optimizer, it will optimize IDM’s System Registry files, for provide you maximum download speed ever. It will give you boost of Download Speed on your ISP Network. with the help of maximum number of connections per second you can download big files in less time. So checkout How to use IDM Optimizer, for increase download speed in IDM.

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IDM Optimizer – IDM Speed Booster 2019

So, Guys if you are also looking for a Working way, in which you can boost up downloading Speed in Internet Download Manager, then you can very simply follow below easy steps. This Guide will surely work for you. and We can also call this Guide as idm download speed accelerator. and don’t worry because, Personally, i have tested many download Download Managers for My PC Windows as well MacOs, But I want to say that, Internet Download Manager [IDM] is the best download manager, i have ever used. Some days before, we was posted a Easy Guide on How to Use Reliance Jio Sim on 3G Android Phones. With this idm speed booster trick, you can increase download speed in your PC a lot. In Terms of Features, Download Speed, UI and All, IDM is the perfect download manager for Windows PC along with Mac. So download this IDM Optimizer now in your PC, and Enjoy faster downloading speed.



Download idm optimizer 2019

idm optimizer 2017

idm optimizer optimizer

How to Increase Download Speed in Idm

So Guys this is the very common Questions, which everybody asks on internet “How to Increase download speed in idm”? the answer is yes.!, You can Optimize Download Speed in your PC in IDM Software easily. With the help of IDM optimizer software, and with some other hidden tweaks, Which I have mentioned in below. You can simply idm optimizer software download from below. and with this changes you will be able to increase Download Speed without any Issues at all. Can You Easily Increase Download Speed with this IDM Optimizer Software. This Software is specially Created for Tweak the IDM, So, it can give you Maximum of Download speed as much as possible. and save you time while downloading files. Also have a easy look on How to Enable Chat Heads in Whatsapp. This Software is Easy to use, and very Handy Features, like one click for increasing download speed. So give it try for more about this software now from below for know more about how to make idm download faster.


Basic Requirements Before Follow This Guide [Download Link Below]


  1. Latest Version of IDM Recommended for increase Download speed – Download IDM
  2. IDM Optimizer software for Increase Download speed an Optimize IDM – Download IDM Booster

How to Increase Download Speed in idm Without any Proxy [Manuel way]

  • Firstly, Make sure that you have already Download and Installed in your Pc, if you not already, then you need to install it now [Download Link in above Requirements section]. If you have already installed IDM, then you must skip this step.
  • After that, Open IDM from your Pc & you will see a List of Menu Therem like screenshot below, in which you will get lots of Options like Tasks, Files, Downloads, View etc.

increase idm download speed

  • Then Simply Click on Download and Select options from there, and it will open a new PopUp, so, simply follow below steps for Increase Download Speed in your IDM.

idm speed optimizer

  • Then, In this section, you will also see the lots of options, now Simply Select Connections Tab, And Then Select tab, Connection Types as – High Speed: Direct connection (Ethernet/Cable)/WiFi/ Mobile 4G/ Others now Select Max Number of Connection as 32, and Hit to Okay Button, and save option from pop up.

idm optimizer

if you’re not seeing the Maximum Connection as 32, then i request you to use latest version of IDM

Yeah Guys you’re done, this was the menual way for increasing download speed of IDM. Now you can check download speed of you IDM, and I’m sure you will see some different in speed of download, at least your downloading speed will increase to 20-60% for sure, it depend on which network you’re using. In you PC if you are using Mobile Data, then it will increase download speed up to 2X, and if you are using WiFi, then it can increase your speed up to 20% or more, So must try above settings and Save it, and simply See the difference. You can also Try Whatsapp Bomber, in which you can crash your friend’s whatsapp. Now with this Manual Step you have successfully Optimized Download speed of IDM, without any Kind of Software, Now follow below steps for increasing download Speed of Idm with IDM Optimizer.


How to Increase Download Speed in IDM With IDM Optimizer

Requirements before follow this Easy Guide:-

  • Download Latest Version of Internet Download Manager [Download from official Site]
  • Download IDM Optimizer from Softpedia from here – Download IDM Optimizer

That’s Guys this was the Some Requirements, for increasing download speed of IDM, now follow below steps for enjoy the maximum download speed from Internet Downloader Manager, Which you have installed in your Windows PC as Well Mac. So i have explained each and every step carefully, in which you can easily Optimize download speed for your IDM optimizer with simple Tweaks. if your idm speed is very slow. Then you can simply follow-up below process and Boost the download speed now.

How to Increase Download Speed in Internet Download Manager With IDM Optimizer

  • Firstly, Download IDM Optimizer from above and simply Double click on it, and it will Launch IDM Optimizer in your PC
  • Then, You will see 3 options in this software, simply select option of Optimize IDM from there and it will Optimize your IDM and it will show you a Success Message.

idm download speed increaser

So guys in this article we were shared the easiest way for optimize your IDM for Getting the maximum download speed, this process will also boost up the download speed in your pc, with Internet Download manager software’s. So you must try this easy Guide at once and let me know your feedback in the comment section now from the below. Thanks a Lot for Reading this article So Download idm optimizer application now from the above link and follow all the important steps, Also give it try to How to Create Shut Down Timer in PC. It will surely boost your download speed as well as possible. Now get full download speed from your Internet Download Manager without any issue Check it out once and i am sure you will be more happy with the results of This IDM optimizer.

Also Try:-

IDM Optimizer Latest Version

idm optimizer porable v.01 you can simply Follow Below Easy steps, Where you can follow Simple and Easy steps and Increase Download Speed in your IDM. These steps will work on all type of Connections, Like 2G/3G/4G or WiFi, it Doesn’t matter which type of internet Connection you’re using. This Easy Guide will work for you, and I am 100% sure, that your Downloading speed will increase at least 20-55%. Also try to How to call anyone with any number. This Software is also know as internet download manager download speed booster. IDM Officially says, that their Software can increase download speed upto 5 times, i have checked it with many connections and WiFi, i have found that my download speed was boosted approx 60%. So, you must also checkout Full Guide from below and lets checkout how to use idm optimizer for increasing download speed in IDM. So Guys, itm optimizer portable download now from below for grow your download speed. Or Increase the download speed in IDM is lot easier now. If you want to become a programmer then you can also Create a Fake Computer Virus for be a cool.

IDM Optimizer 2019

if you have Slow internet Connections and want to increase download speed in you pc, then you are at a right place. Here I will show you a completely way for Increase Download Speed in IDM Optimizer. as you all know that there are lots of Download Manager available for Windows PC, but some of them are not giving proper download speed, so you need to wait long time, for download a File. If you have rooted your phone then you must read about How to Change Boot Animation.

we were getting a lots of request from the visitors, in which they said to post a article on Tutorial on how to increase the download speed in idm. If you have Internet Download Manager already Installed in your PC, but you are not satisfied with its speed. and want to do some various tweaks with it, then you can easily checkout below guide, you can download it on your Device, Previously we were shared on How to Increase Download Speed on Android.

Downloading Bigger files? Mess up with download speed?, Yeah Don’t worry I am here. you can easily optimize download speed of your Internet Download Manager with above guide. This is the from one of the best Guide Available for optimizing Download Speed also Download Facebook Social Toolkit, for do various tweaks of Facebook. And there are 2 ways for increase download speed in IDM. So this is the very easy guide, that how can you increase download speed of your IDM. or how to use idm speed booster / Optimizer. You will be able to increase your Downloading Speed witj increase idm speed using cheat engine coding. This is the perfectly working easy Guide, Which is tested and working in 2018 as well 2019. Also checkout best Android Rooted Apps.

Final Words

That’s it guys this was the Easy and Full Guide on How to Increase Download Speed in IDM. if you are having any issues, while following this Guide, then you are feel free to comment on below section if you face any problem, I’m here to solve your problem. I am also using This IDM Optimizer Software and it is working very well in my device. you can also use in your PC and it will boost up download speed for sure and save your time while downloading files. Some days before we were shared Tutorial on How to Use Network Snoofer app in android, So must try it at once. Thanks for visiting and keep enjoying here with another cool tricks like this. This will surely increase your Download Speed at least 20% with this IDM Optimizer Tutorial, So stay tuned for more cool updates in idm optimizer 2019-2020


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