Spotify Premium Apk for Get Spotify Premium Features in Android

spotify premium apk: As you know Spotify is one of the best Android app for listen music online streaming. This app Comes with lot’s of Features, but some of the features are paid and we have to pay for those features so we are Sharing Premium Features of Spotify in modified apk file in which you can access / use the premium features so download now from the below link. you can easily access the New World of Music With the help of This spotify premium apk, which are easily available in this post. There are many great features in this app, like getting music playlist ready-made, listen music without downloading it. or you can also download the music in 320KBPS High quality and much more great features are included in this simple app.


spotify premium apk

spotify premium apk

spotify premium apk


Free Version of Spotify can be found and download from Google Play Store in which you will get limited features but with this app you can unlock all premium features for free. You can Play any Artist’s Music or any album’s Music with the help of this Spotify app So with the help of this Spotify app you can browse Music Via Category Like Mood, Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Chill etc. it’s very easy now to listen music directly with the help of simple Spotify music premium apk.

Spotify music premium apk Features

This app comes with Great features, which can’t be explained in only one post, but we will explained some basic features. You can Listen to music in HD Quality & much more. So By using this Spotify Modified app you can access every features free without buy a credit. Have look at some basic features from below. spotify unlimited skips apk no root simply download now from below.

spotify premium android apk


  • Fully Ad Free, You will not get any Ads in this version of Spotify app.
  • Unlimited Skip [Spotify apk no ads unlimited skips].
  • Forced random restriction lifted.
  • Save Music for listen in Offline Mode.
  • Download this app now from below for know more about it’s Features.

How to Download and Use Spotify premium App

Below Step by Step Guide for know more about How to Download and Use Spotify premium app in any android device. So Below we have provided modded version of Spotify Premium app, Which you can download from below link. And one more think, make sure you have enabled unknown sources in your phone for Install this app, because we have provided the direct download link of this app, Which you can easily download from below link. you can not download premium app for free from Play Store. So have a look at download link of this app & installation instructions now from below.


spotify premium apk 2016

  • After Download Spotify Install it on you device Like Snapshot

spotify android download apk

  • After Successfully Installation spotify modified app, Now Open it and simply click on Login Button and login with your Spotify Account, if you don’t have simply create or Sign up for one account from here


  1. Don’t Use Facebook Login On This App.
  2. If you get error of spotify not available in your Country, then Use any VPN in your android phone With This Easy Guide – How to Unlock Sites in Android.

spotify premium apk no root

  1. After Successfully Logged In, Now you can enjoy Full Features of this Spotify Premium App In your Android Device Smart Phone.

Spotify Premium apk Screenshot Proof

spotify unlimited skips apk no root

spotify apk no ads unlimited skips


Final Word for modded Spotify App

That’s it Guys, this was the very easy way for download and use the spotify premium apk in your android device phone for get all premium features of spotify. so if you face any issue during the follow above step feel free to comment below. stay tuned for more tricks and cool stuffs.


  1. the apk link is broken?

  2. work for me. I can download the app, it says premium features is applied, Thanks work for me.

  3. Thanks dude, Premium Feature has been started.

  4. Annie Buckley says:

    Freakin love it!! Thanks. πŸ™‚ My husband thought it couldn’t be done!

  5. Hi,
    I did as per the instructions and it’s premium version. The option of ‘go premium’ for Lifetime is there. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  6. Nick Brincat says:

    It still will not allow me to download the music to listen offline how do I fix this?

  7. hi it works and all but the feature to download my music/playlist works when it will play full duration, it keeps saying first play the song

  8. Offline mode is Working for me Nice All Tricks Zone Dude

  9. Carlo Drilon says:

    “Go premium” option is still there. But Offline mode is working on me thanks for modified the apk.

  10. Downloaded the mirror link and signed in. it will work for me, first app not working

  11. I am not able to Install Spotify app, It say App not installed

  12. Offline mode working. offers me a 7 days trial, After 7 days premium convert to lifetime

  13. Adriano De Francesca says:

    Thanks Man Got Offline mode working

  14. the main reason i downloaded it for offline mode that is working fine, Thankyou So much bro. Keep it up.

  15. most of the premium features work, except offline music download witch is the main reason i downloaded it if anyone knows how to fix the offline mode please tell me

  16. Offline work for me, Created new account from official Spotify app then it works.

  17. Hey I just install it and it works perfect. The shuffle mode is off and I can choose the song that I want but I can’t play it offline. I logged with my personnal account with no facebook connection.
    Should I create a new account with email?
    I don’t know what to do…

  18. Jedii! | Mark (@MareksReveli) says:

    Yeah..Offline mode Start working for me .. :/ I’ve tried everything that Ravi said, Thanks πŸ™‚

  19. 1 question, I’m downloading right now, I see it’s an old version, that doesn’t matter? I want to be able to download the songs… I just try another version, newer release mod apk from other website but didn’t let me download the songs. Thanks in advance!

  20. Thanks dude after many search finally we got the working trick

  21. Yeah.!!! Cleared data, and made a new account offline working for me

  22. Cleared all Spotify data and created a new account from the Spotify website. Offline downloads still do not work but when i restart mu device it will work for me. thanks ravi.

  23. Thanks Man Everything is working perfectly

  24. Doesn’t work. Signed up on site using facebook, logged in new account, tried to download a playlist and it said I discovered a premium feature. Didn’t let me download at all. Any help?

  25. Hi, I cleared Spotify data, made a new account from the official website, but not working

  26. thanks dude, God Bless you keep it up

  27. Shivam Biba says:

    How to clear spotify data

  28. brother, i get a free trial prompt when i try to take offline, but it will also work after the 7 days

  29. it doesnt work on my phone, i tried to do everything, signed up with a new account from the website, and when i click “available offline”, it still says to buy premium feature but it will work on my friend’s mobile with same trick, help me, please.

  30. Omar M. Elhabbak says:

    hi , i can listen offline now i will connected with you

  31. Yeah working fine for me after cleard data, make new ids. they say its patched but still working offline too

  32. i did everything as you said, cleared all the data, made a new acc too with facebook, and it still doesnt work (AVAILABLE OFFLINE), everything is fine i just wanna listen them offline so please help me to download the songs.

  33. Zarif Ikram says:

    Yeah it work after the Cleared data, made a new account, rebooted device, Thanks

  34. I’m downloading. Hope it works!!

  35. I have tried clearing data and created a user from official site And got a Offline mode enable..

  36. Yeah..!! I can play the songs offline !! Thanksss Love you :-*

  37. Thanks Man your ‘cracked’ APK Works for me

  38. Gave me a 7 days trial. Will it end after? Or will it be forever? Tia.

  39. Everything works perfectly .. I signed up with my old Spotify accoumt, Thanks

  40. Thanks so much dude really does work!! Will this work forever though?

  41. BeyoncΓ© Fan says:

    Mine is just a 7 days, But Working More than 7 Days πŸ˜”

  42. BeyoncΓ© Fan says:

    Unlimited skips along with listen offline works thanks dude.. Keep it up

  43. Thanks ravi sir…

  44. Richard Hans says:

    Yeah I can download songs to listen offline, i didnt signup with facebook and I Sign Up with Email id by clearing the data

  45. Offline Mode doesn’t work for me. I’ve created a new account in my browser and the app won’t give me the 7 day free trial… Can anyone help me?… The last time it gave me a 7 day trial (on my old account/ on the beta app) it also worked for 7 days only… Because many were saying that it works even after 7 days for them… Amy suggestions what I should do?

  46. Yeah.!! Offline mode working for me Thanks, Ravi Prakash Singh

  47. Omar Elhabbak says:

    thanks man now i can save songs
    and listen music offline ,but it says 7 days trial …

  48. Followed the instructions and now i am able to download the song offline
    i created a new account to login (not facebook) , i cleared app cache, i uninstalled and installed the app from above.
    Thanks Ravi Dude

  49. Is this still working? I downloaded the apk, cleared data, signed up with a new email using the app, restarted, still im on spotify free. At first it says patch loaded. What am I missing?

  50. Hmmm skeptical

  51. The premium option activated is there, Thanks πŸ™‚

  52. Yeah Thanks after 7 days trial it goes to Premium πŸ˜€

  53. Thanks Now i am able to use offline mode, now we will connected with this site

  54. Offline music Work for me thanks

  55. Luciano Rescigno says:

    Hi man, after the 7 days of trial, I can’t use offline mode. Any advice?

  56. It worked for 7 days only. How to continue after that.
    Please tell any way to do that cuz I have downloaded lot’s of songs

  57. Thanks

  58. Its a premium trial then after 7 days it also goes to spotify Premium as previously

  59. John Michael Tolentino says:

    File not found. Error 404. What should I do.? Thanks ☺

  60. Christian Huang says:

    thanks ravi, finally I made a new account on my browser and logged in on the spotify premium apk

  61. umm excuse me i can download songs after following above step.. thanks

  62. I did all of the instructions , even rebooted my phone, cleared data and cache, sign in new account by email, and still offline mode is not working, it still shows a splash screen saying that I need to buy the premium version..

    What do I need to do, I already did all of the instructions as well as the instructions of other people here.

  63. Hei ravi, i have already loged in into my facebook, and then i dint uninstall my prev spotify, i just install the new spotify, and i select all, and then my spotify work perfectly offline with my facebook acc, thanks bro, its very nice

  64. can you go above the 7days

  65. Akashraj K says:

    Thankss Bro

  66. Is this apk safe?

  67. John Rey Salada Gelpe says:

    yeah have the full premium especially downloading it offline Thanks sir πŸ™‚

  68. Thanks so much for this, man! Much love!

  69. Thanks bro,


    Nice app bro thanks for sharing with us

  71. thanks for sharing nice article with us.

  72. Aftercsaved the songs y i cannot play it offline .thanks for this mate .have a great day

  73. Joan Lamrack says:

    i tried the 7 days trial and then when it ended, it convert to premium. thanks

  74. Thnks

  75. The hunter says:

    working for me … Thanks Men

  76. Hi ravi. I was able to download it but whenever i try to forward my date/time to 2017 the offline features is not working even the unli skips etc.

  77. Hi ravi, Nice article thanks for sharing awesome app with us

  78. Thanks bro working for me

  79. Bro how to make this modded app

  80. The DOWNLOAD option is working and also all others premium features are ok.

  81. Will it work after trial expires offline?

  82. cocomarven says:

    i dont have any options to download the music

  83. Already used the 7 day there a way to convert it to lifetime premium?please help

  84. Nice work bro

  85. Twentynone says:


  86. I downloaded the apk and followed all the instructions eberything works but i am missing the download button

  87. I did everything as you said but it doesn’t let me download songs. What should I do?

  88. Thanks bro

  89. i can’t play music when im not connected to wifi. πŸ™

  90. Yeah, It’s working for me. After the 7 days premium trial it goes to Lifetime Premium mode. The Unlimited Skips works as well the offline downloading feature.


  91. Yeah bro .!! Worked perfectly

  92. Awesome bro

  93. Thanks bro..Nice work

  94. Debneil Nag Chowdhury says:

    Ravi please help me out!! I did exactly as you said, twice! I cleaned app data, but offline isn’t working. I tried with my old account. Not working.

  95. Michele Tagliatti says:

    offline working fine thanks, just followed all the steps carefully.

  96. Can you download songs after 7 day trial ends

  97. After the 7 day trial it converted back to a lifetime modded spotify

  98. Offline mode worked with extra features

  99. Nice work dude, Also share a offline mode app for Saavn

  100. Hi ravi.. I did all the instructions after 7 days it converted to premium version thankyou so much

  101. Thanks bro.

  102. Hi. I just installed the app. I am able to login with my account. When i turn on the “available offline”, the app says to “try premium for 7 days” it downloads the music. Will the trial period expire after 7 days?

  103. Cody Mehr says:

    It won’t let me download for offline use. Using old account

  104. Is it true? Let me try this at once.

  105. Everything Works fine

  106. Yeah i just made a new account and started a trial that made offline mode available for me.

  107. Ryan G Gitau says:

    Working fine but, How will this app get important updates? I can’t find it on play store

  108. Happily, Also work after 7 days

  109. Wish I could say that it worked for me, even though I’ve done every step in the right order. I also wish that Ravi would give me a response, instead of deleting my comment/question.

  110. I feelluckyπŸ˜ƒ

  111. Ryan G Gitau says:

    Hey Ravi, my trial period is over and spotify is converted into lifetime validity thankyou so much

  112. Can you make a tutorial video on how to get offline mode? I cant get offline mode even i followed the instructions :/

  113. Hi, just wanted to say that the app works fine and smoothly too! Just one problem though, too many ads popping out. Am I the only one experiencing this? Its damn annoying. The ads just loads us Google play to a certain app. Pls fix.

  114. WickedWasabi says:

    Thnks man Working fine

  115. JUST HALP ME says:

    Hello I downloaded it in my phone and I used the 7 days free premium trial, but after that i do not have any premium features. HELP

  116. Guys it work fine.

  117. Thankyou so much bro for nice article

  118. PleaseReply says:

    Hi, i cant download music how?

  119. If anyone can’t download music. Follow these simple steps.

    1. Make it premium account (apparently after the 7 day trail it becomes premium)

    2. Follow the playlist, chart or album (click 3 dots on top right hand corner > click ‘Follow’)

    3. Click ‘Available Offline’

  120. I will try after the find

  121. No problem just be connected with us

  122. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  123. Okay Stay connected with us for more cool trick like this

  124. Yeah no problem

  125. Keep Enjoy

  126. Ive done everythig like youve said, create new acc and all but it says you are on trial. What should i do

  127. Don’t worry after 7 days it will convert into premium

  128. But after 7 days i cant use the offline mode, it has been 9 days. Ive reset my phone but it still the same


    It converted in premium account after 7 days. thanks brother

  130. Joan Lamrack says:

    Great bro thanks

  131. i accidentally deleted it while it was during the 7 day free trial. after that i tried downloading again but it didnt work. What should i do

  132. Thankyou So much bro

  133. Dear Ravi, after 7 days app on trial it didn’t convert into premium for me. What can be wrong?

  134. Hi Ravi, Nice apps thanks for sharing with us

  135. The 2 links is not working pls help!!!

  136. it detect you from Account, Create new account and clear or reset your phone

  137. Just clear the app data and create new account, that’s it

  138. ur most welcome, keep visiting

  139. Have you created new account or used old account?

  140. I have used old and new account. Result is the same. After 7 days didn’t converted into premium.

  141. Yeah this just because you used your old account first, Firstly Clear the Data then create a new account

  142. Enjoy free offline mode

  143. it is still working dear…

  144. Yeah bro Really I’m so happy Working Fine…. πŸ™‚

  145. enjoy


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  16. casa says:

    Also share the post of Saavn apk pro

  17. Mahalaya 2016 date and time says:

    Thanks Man

  18. Alka Yadav says:

    Nice Ravi, Got a offline mode

  19. LED Sign says:

    Worked on my samsung galaxy s duos 2

  20. roulette says:

    Nice article ravi,

  21. max no2 says:

    Thanks ravi after retry we got the trial to premium for offline mode

  22. sanjay says:

    Thanks working for me

  23. makeup products says:

    makeup products

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