How to Download & Install Backtrack 5 On Android 2021

Install Backtrack 5 on Android

How to Install & Run Backtrack on Android Mobile and Tablet, Full Step by Step Guide on How to install backtrack on android mobile phone: Hello folks I am back again with one of the latest and cool tricks and information. So, Here we will discuss How to Install & Run Backtrack on Android. Previously we have shared about How to Create Bootable Linux USB Pendrive Using Windows.

As you all knows that Android is one of the best OS (Operating System) and let me tell you that Backtrack is also my one of the favorite OS for hacking. My first reason of using Backtrack 5 is that because this is world high class hackers make backtrack and the second one is all hacking tools are available and the last third one and interesting, It is a flavor of Linux, For Penetration testing. You may also know Best Transcription Software for MAC.

Install Backtrach in Android

Backtrack is designed for world class hackers testing or hacking tools. Here so many peoples are used Backtrack on their PC, But what if you don’t have PC? So, Today I will share with you How to install backtrack five on android Phone. Android Smartphone is booming now these days. Also See Spotify Unlimited Skips Apk [Premium for free]. Now you can easily Install Backtrack on android Tablet Linux Phone OS on Android Smartphone and tablets.

In Android Mobile backtrack comes with so many more updated tools. Also Try Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android Phone. My Visitors always asked to me that How do i Install Backtrack on Android without root, How to install Backtrack 5 in VMware Etc. Backtrack Android is also available with ARM architecture. These days as you all know that it is possible to install & Run Backtrack on your Android device. We have also shared an article on best Android hacking Applications, Have a look at How to Install Backtrack 5 R3 on Android Without root.

What is BackTrack 5?

What is Backtrack 5 R1, R2, R3 Backtrack is very popular and one of the best Linux distribution for penetration testing Kernel. Also See How to Create unlimited Fake Facebook AccountsBT5R3 has hundreds of tools for pentesting and hacking. Backtrack Os Provides users with easy access to a comprehensive and large collection of security related tools ranging from port scanners to security audit.

Backtrack for Android Apk Download Free

Backtrack Linus is an OS by which peoples used to crack and hack any Security Enabled WiFi Password, Access Any Site online. Etc. If you have any Personal Computer And Laptop, then you can use any bootable pen drive to install this Linux Based backtrack operating system. Thanks to Developers to Develop this Technological advancement, you can now have a option to install Backtrack on Android Phone. Don’t miss this awesome Cute Love Whatsapp DP and Stylish Girls DP.



Backtrack Pro Apk WiFi

Generally So many of peoples used Backtrack 5 for entering into a secured network or Hacking any WiFi Password. let me tell you that most of the WiFI Password around us has an Excellent and so good security optimized and covered that is un-crackable or un-hackable with the use of simple WiFi Hacking tools/ Software.

In This case you can count on backtrack. Some Android users are employing apps like WPS tester to Hack WiFi Password. Some of the networks get cracked but most of the WPS and WPA networks don’t get hacked or cracked due to High Security Optimized reason of course. Also See Top Android Free International Calling apps.

Backtrack 5 WiFi Hack

With the help of this Backtrack, These all Wifi security options are one of the best to secure any WiFi out of WPA and WPS WiFi hackers, How to Set Full Size WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping Apk. because, it don’t have a much more high-security level and a little effort can break their security. however WPS WPA2 is enhanced wifi security type that can’t get hacked, but there are some application also available which are able to hack even security enables.

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Backtrack for Android Mobile 2021

BackTrack Arranges tools into 12 Categories to Hack things

  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Exploitation Tools
  • Privilege Excalation
  • Maintaining Access
  • Reverse Engineering
  • RFID Tools
  • Stress Testing
  • Forensics
  • Reporting Tools
  • Services
  • Miscellaneous

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How to Install and Run Backtrack on Android

After reading this article you can simply Download Backtrack for Android Apk Download and also easily follow this article. Backtrack for Android Free download too.

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Requirement for installing Backtrack on Android smartphone

Download Backtrack 5 for Android

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Android 1.6 or Higher
  • 1GHz Processor (Recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM (Also Recommended)
  • SD Card with at least 3.5GB of Free Space to be installed OS
  • Data Connection on Your Smartphone Device
  • Download Backtrack for Android ARM [ Download ]
  • Install BusyBox
  • Android Terminal and Android VNC
  • If you’re using PC then you need 7ZIP for extraction otherwise, You can use any archive on your Android Phone [ Download ]
  • Following of the Android Apps

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Step to install and Run Backtrack on Android:

At first, Extract the BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z and after that Copy BT5 folder and then drag in your mobile root directory. Here mine phone is /sd card. The root directory is different for phone device.

Then Checkout Awesome Tricks for Android

How to Download & Install Backtrack on Android Device

  1. After Download & install All the above apps Android Vnc, Terminal, Busybox, Android How to Install Busybox in Android
  2. After installing BusyBox App on your Android Device, Open it an wait for few seconds or minute until it finished loading and after that Select on Smart install
  3. Now, Open Android Terminal and type the following command:
    so cd /sd card/BT5 shm bootbtNOTEL- When you type su in terminal & it will ask you for Superuser request and you have to Click on Grant Button
  4. After that, Type the following commands in terminal
    Export USER=root
  5. After entering above command it will ask you to enter the password, Enter the desired password and Click Enter Button
  6. Now type below commands
    Tightvncserver -geometry 1280*720
  7. After that Terminal emulator will creates the localhost to connect it to VNC Server. Then note the localhost port marked red below. Then minimize the terminal emulator
  8. Open the Android VNC and type following settings.

Nickname : BT5
Password : Your Password here which you entered in a terminal Step no. 6
Address : localhost
Port : 5906

Note: For this Steps I think your Localhost’s Port are matches found and with terminal’s localhost. Here in mine case new “X” desktop is localhost:6. You may be see the different of your desktop. So in VNC type Port 590X where the “X” is the localhost in the android terminal.

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Final Words

That’s it friends, This was the easy way by which you can know How to install Backtrack on Android from your android device. You can also install Backtrack on USB and run Live. So just click on Connect to run the Background on your android Device. So with the help of this article you can install backtrack 5 on android device. So I hope you like and enjoy this tutorials How to install backtrack 5 on android phone. So while following this guide if you have any questions and issues then feel free to comment in below section. Thanks for being with us, Stay Connected with us for more awesome cool stuffs same like this.

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